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-How do I change content?

See our Playlist Editing articles on this subject.
If you have any questions or experience difficulties with your playlist, you can contact our PBHS Support department by email:, or phone: 1-888-840-0739.

-How long is the playlist?

It depends on which modules you have elected to include  however, it will automatically loop and replay all selected modules.

-What should I do with the device at the end of the work day?

The Silent Partner device can be thought of as a miniature computer, so to promote longevity we advise unplugging it from the power at the end of the work day to give it a rest, and then plugging it back in the next morning.

-My device is asking me to log in using my Facebook credentials. What do I do?

You can log in to this screen with any valid Facebook credentials.
This screen is a result of Facebook's requirement for users to be signed into Facebook to view their content, and the most common cause is that your Facebook user recently had its password changed.

You can also temporarily click on "Not Now" at the Facebook login screen.

-How do I update my YouTube video selection?

You can add YouTube videos to your Silent Partner Playlist by following the instructions in our Adding Media article.

-What happens if a YouTube video is not found or cannot be played?

If a YouTube link in your playlist is incorrect, the system will skip over it entirely. Otherwise, the device will attempt to load the video. If it takes more than a few seconds to buffer the video, it will move on to the next playlist item to prevent poor user experience.
If this occurs, you may wish to consider increasing your network speed, using a dedicated network, or avoid using YouTube videos in your playlist. (You can send us videos in mp4 format and we will add them to the device. This will download at boot and not stream.)

-My Silent Partner froze on a YouTube video. What do I do?

It is possible the live stream to YouTube may have been interrupted. In this case, hit the escape key on your keyboard and then press the "Play" button in the middle of the screen, and your playlist should resume as usual. You can also try power-cycling the device by unplugging the device's power cable for a few moments and then plugging it back in. Your device will start back up, apply any updates it finds, and your playlist should resume as usual.

-How long does it take for Facebook posts and Launch Survey reviews to update on my Silent Partner?

They can be manually synced at any time via the "Check for Updates" button (more details on this in our Device Options article). Alternatively, the device will automatically attempt to reboot and look for new data every 10 hours. 

-I see a red error code in the loading log when my device starts up. What does it mean?

Red text appearing in the loading log means that there was a problem loading a particular piece of media. You can review the loading log at any time via the steps laid out in our Device Options article.
The most common cause is Facebook or Launch Survey not having any recent available content to pull from. If you notice a piece of media besides Facebook or Launch Survey that is consistently having trouble loading, you may wish to contact Support.

-How do I modify the news feed ticker along the bottom of the screen?

You can find instructions on modifying the ticker in our Device Options article.

-Why aren't my Facebook posts displaying on the device?

The most likely reason is that there are no eligible posts on your office's Facebook page. Eligible posts are the 5 most recent posts with images that meet the below requirements:

  • The post must contain an image wider than 720 pixels
  • The post must be less than 25 days from it's published date.
  • The post must contain an image width-to-height ratio of at least 1.7 

-What if I change my WiFi network or WiFi password?

You will need to update your WiFi settings, which can be accessed via the same process used during initial setup. Those instructions can be found in our Quick Start Guide article.

-What happens if my WiFi goes out?

If the interruption in WiFi signal is brief, it will usually have little effect. If the interruption is longer, your device will continue its loop until rebooted (either manually or upon reaching the 10 hours of operation), excluding YouTube videos. Once the reboot occurs, it will prompt you to connect to a network. If the WiFi comes back online (provided the credentials remained the same), it will automatically connect to the network and start the loop over. If your WiFi credentials have changed, please see the answer to the above question.

-I am having continuous issues streaming video with my WiFi network. Do you have any recommendations?

There usually is not a one-size-fits-all solution for WiFi connectivity issues, as it depends on many factors. Normally we suggest communicating with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for more information on improvements to your WiFi network.

-The Silent Partner turned itself off and now is at a loading screen. What happened?

It is syncing new data. Please wait for this screen to clear and your loop will start over. Unless a very large change was made to the loop, this should take no more than a few minutes.

-How do I enable subtitles/captions on my YouTube videos?

See instructions in our Device Options article.

-The bottom edge of the screen is being cut off on my TV display.

This means the display settings on your TV are slightly off. You may need to check your TV's resolution and screen height settings and adjust appropriately. If you are unsure how to do this, please consult your owner’s manual or television’s manufacturer.

-What if I want to use a new keyboard or device on the Silent Partner?

If it can plug into the single USB port and is plug-and-play with Chrome OS, you are free to do so. If you are not familiar with wireless keyboard technology, you may wish to consult your local technicians to get this worked out.

-I accidentally approved a bad Launch Survey review and now it's showing up even though I unaccepted it.

To clear out the old review, you can manually reboot your device via the "Check for Updates" button (more details on this in our Device Options article). Alternately, the device will attempt to reboot automatically at the end of its current 10-hour cycle.

-I have multiple monitors in my waiting room; how can I set this up on all of them simultaneously?

You can split the signal with an HDMI splitter, or purchase additional Silent Partner TV devices.

-The volume isn't working and I can't hear anything.

Make sure that the TV is not muted and that the volume is turned up to audible levels. Additionally, it's possible you accidentally hit the "mute" button which is the leftmost of the three buttons in the upper right hand corner of the keyboard. In order to un-mute, press the "volume up" button which is the rightmost of the three buttons.

-I see the following screen. What do I do?


This means your user has somehow been logged out of your device, which should not happen during normal operation. If this occurs, you will need to contact PBHS Support and ask them to provide you with your Silent Partner integration credentials.

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