Secure Mail: Outlook Plugin


Instructions below ONLY apply to SecureMail.

In this section, we will go over the following:

How to install the Secure Mail Outlook Plugin

  1. Log in at with your Secure Mail email address/username and Secure Mail password. If you don't have the password for this account, please use the "Forgot Password" link to create a new password.

  2. If you are a free Secure Mail user, purchase both Secure Mail AND the plugin. If you are already a paid Secure Mail user, then just purchase the plugin.

  3. Now open Outlook. You should see a new tab labelled "Secure Mail". Select the "Login" icon.

  4. Use the email address/username and password from step 1 to log in. 

  5. Select the "Sign in" button. This will take you directly to your inbox. From here you can identify the "Secure Mail" section of your Outlook. 

How to create and send a Secure Message

 You can create a new secure message in three different ways:

  1. Within your "Secure Mail" tab at the top, select the icon "New".

  2. Within any existing secure message select "New Message".

  3. Within a regular Outlook email, go to your "Secure Mail" tab for that email and select "Send Secure".

The Secure Mail Banner


New: This will display a new compose window to the RIGHT of your message list. *When logged off, you will not see this.

Refresh: This will refresh your Secure Mail section in the same way it would within a browser. *When logged off, you will not see this.

Logoff: This will log you out of SecureMail and showcase the login screen once again

Login: This will log you into SecureMail and showcase the logoff screen once again.

Signed In As: This will show you under which you are signed in. *When logged off, you will not see this.

About Secure Mail: This will show your current version of Secure Mail (i.e. "Outlook Add-in versin").

Secure Mail Help: This will bring you directly to this article under “Secure Mail” which focuses on just the Outlook plugin.

Check for Updates: This can be used to check for the latest update. If there is an update, this button will allow you to install the update. If you select SKIP, iit will wait about approximately one week to prompt you to install updates again. 


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