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Q1:  Will my SecureMail / Secure Drop Messages Expire?

A: Effective December 27th 2018, all newly composed emails sent will expire within 30 days (MAX).  As the sender, you can control the expiration of messages you send either before or after sending the message (up to 30 days).  The expiration of a message will cause the message and any attachments to be permanently deleted from the sender as well as the recipient.  This occurs regardless of whether the message was opened.  Note, the default expiration that will be added does not have any impact on emails sent prior to the noted date above (it will continue to carry the expiration date you applied, or no expiration date at all).   

  • For setting the expiration date for ALL emails, click here.
  • For setting the expiration date per email, click here.

Q2:  Does Secure Mail encrypt email messages that I send from my existing email account?

A:  No. Secure Mail does not modify or affect your existing email account in any way. All Secure Mail messages are accessible only via or the Secure Mail Outlook Plugin. In order to send a Secure Mail, the sender would have to first log in to Even after signing up with a Secure Mail account, messages sent from your regular email address will not be encrypted.

The email address which you use to sign up for is used as a username in the system. It allows you to log into your account, it is used to send you notifications, and when logged into, it will be the target your peers will use to send you Secure Mail messages.

Q3:  If Secure Mail doesn't encrypt my emails, what makes it HIPAA compliant?

A: Unlike regular email, Secure Mail does not involve the transfer of data from one server to another. It is a messaging service that is designed to feel as familiar as regular email while requiring users to log in to our secure server via the portal.

All communication between Secure Mail users occurs on our secure server. By never leaving the server, your Secure Mail messages are never opened up to the risk of interception, and remain safely encrypted from drafting to sending to receipt.

Q4:  I received a Secure Message from another practice, but I am unable to view the message in my email.

A: What you received was not the actual message but a notification that there is a message from them for you on our secure server. This message can be viewed by logging in to your Secure Mail account at

Please keep in mind that this notification is generated specifically for the email address which originally receives it. If a notification for one email address ( is forwarded, automatically or otherwise, to another email address (, you will not be able to access the Secure Mail by logging into as

You must log into the account associated with the initial recipient, Please keep this in mind if you have  multiple Secure Mail accounts, or receive a Secure Mail from a doctor, which is sent to an email address other than your typical Secure Mail login.

Q5:  This is my first time trying to see a Secure Message with Secure Mail. How do I register my email address and create a password?

A: If your email address is not yet registered on our Secure Mail system, then the notification emails from our system will also automatically include a registration link. You must click on this link in order to register your email. After successfully registering, you will receive a second email, which will prompt you to create a password for your new account. Follow the link in this email to agree to the terms of service and generate your password. Only after you have registered your email and created a password will you be able to log in to your Secure Mail account.

Once your email address is registered, it will act as a username for your user account in Secure Mail. You can log in to your Secure Mail user account at by entering your email address in the username field and the password you created in the password field.

Q6:  I was unable to complete registration for Secure Mail because I never received my code. 

A: . The secret code may be sent to whichever office or cell phone you entered when registering your account. The automated code will be read as soon as a connection to your phone number is made, so automated phone trees, automated line redirects, and other automated phone systems may interfere in your ability to receive the secret code.

If you are unable to receive your secret code, or you accidentally made an error when entering your phone number, please contact PBHS Support for assistance.


Q7:  When i login to SecureMail, I receive an alert that states "You are currently using the free version of SecureMail.  Your latest payment attempt did not succeed so the paid version is currently disabled.  To compose new messages please click 'Buy Now' to enter a new card and upgrade to the full version."

A: This means you had purchased SecureMail, but your credit card is now expired and the payment can't be processed.  Our system automatically switches you back to a free tier until you can update your account to a new active card using the "Buy Now" method. 

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