SecureMail Outlook Plugin: Plugin Purchase & Download Process


Instructions below ONLY apply to SecureMail, (OUTLOOK PLUGIN ONLY).

In order to download the SecureMail Outlook Plugin, you must have the following completed:

  • Purchase a Paid SecureMail Account
  • Purchase of Secure Mail Outlook Plugin

The instructions below will go over purchasing the outlook plugin once you have a Paid SecureMail Account: 

*This user example already has Paid SecureMail (monthly) access below, and is now purchasing the Outlook plugin.  Note, you must purchase the same plan for the Outlook plugin (in this example, the user can purchase Outlook Plugin Monthly, because they are a SecureMail Monthly user).

  1. Once you login
  2. From your dashboard, select Secure Inbox
  3. Within your Inbox, select the Buy Now button which will take your directly to the My Secure Practice shopping cart:
  4. Within the shopping cart, you will see any available plan options for your user:
  5. Once the needed plan options are selected, click the Purchase button:
    **In this example, the SecureMail Outlook Plugin (Annually) option is grayed out, because this user is already on a SecureMail Monthly plan. 
      • If you already have a card on file, you will see this pop-up below. Select the OK button to confirm the purchase:
  6. If there is no card on file for your user, you will see this pop-up below.  Complete the required fields and select the Pay button:
  7. You have the option to download the plugin. If you would like to do this now,  select the Download button.  
    **Please note you can download the outlook plugin at any time by logging into your account here:

**Once downloaded, please see How to Install/Uninstall SecureMail Plugin to attach the plugin to your outlook.

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