SecureMail Outlook Plugin: SecureMail Banner Review


Instructions below ONLY apply to SecureMail, (OUTLOOK PLUGIN ONLY).

The Secure Mail banner will change what is displayed depending on a few different key items:  status of your login, and the "Secure Mail" banner in outlook vs.  the "Secure Mail" banner in a regularly composed email:

  1. Status:  Signed off


  2. Status:  Signed in


  3. Status: Composing a non-secure outlook message


** items you will only see when logged into the plugin.

  • ** New: This will display a new compose window to the RIGHT of your message list.
  • ** Refresh: This will refresh your Secure Mail Message List (similar to a browser refresh) 
  • ** Logoff: This will log you out of SecureMail
    ** Signed In As: This will show you the username you are logged in as. 
    ** Send Secure:  Will copy any of the non-required fields from a non-secure outlook message into a secure mail message for you:  To field, Subject, Body of email and Attachments will be automatically copied over to a SecureMail email.  From here you can choose to send when ready.
  • Login: This will log you into SecureMail 
  • About Secure Mail: This will show your current version of the Secure Mail Plugin
  • Secure Mail Help: This will lead you to the Secure Mail Outlook Plugin Instructions
  • Check for Updates: This can be used to check for the latest update. If there is an update, this button will allow you to install the update. If you select SKIP, it will wait about approximately one week to prompt you to install updates again.


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