SecureMail Outlook Plugin: How to Install/Reinstall the Plugin


Instructions below ONLY apply to SecureMail, (OUTLOOK PLUGIN ONLY).

You can install or reinstall the plugin at anytime.  Note, if you have one user and you need to access this on more than one computer/outlook program, do the below steps from each computer you need this installed on.  

Please follow these instructions below:

    1. Login to the portal
    2. From the Dashboard, select "Update Profile"

    3. Select the "Messaging" tab
    4. Select the "Download" button next to "SecureMail Outlook Plugin" and continue on to Step 10 below.

    5. You will be asked where you would like to save this setup file, *note this location so you can find and start the download if it doesn't start automatically.

      In this example above, we saved the download to the desktop.

    6. Once downloaded, select the setup icon:

    7. Select "Install"

    8. Follow the necessary prompts, once successfully installed you will get a final pop up- select "OK":

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