SecureMail Outlook Plugin: Creating a New Secure Message


Instructions below ONLY apply to SecureMail, (OUTLOOK PLUGIN ONLY).

  1. To compose a new message, select the "Secure Mail" tab located at the top of your Outlook window
  2. Select the icon labeled "New" below:
    • Additionally, if you are viewing any existing secure message- you can select the "New Message" to compose a brand new secure message:
  3. Both options will open a new secure message to the RIGHT within outlook
  4. The following items are required and must be filled in before sending a new secure message:

    1. To Field (if new user, you must give them a role)
    2. Subject Field
    3. Body of Message
  5. You can select "Send".
  6. NOTE: If 2 step verification is ON and you're sending this email to a non-registered user in our system.
    1. Select the "Next" button (will be in place of the "Send" button)
    2. You will be asked to verify this new user's email address, and add at least one phone number (which is required to help the user register correctly).  
    3. Now select "Send"









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