SecureMail Outlook Plugin: How to Delete a Secure Message


Instructions below ONLY apply to SecureMail, (OUTLOOK PLUGIN ONLY).

Deleting an email will not only delete the message permanently from your SecureMail view, but it will also be removed from the recipient's SecureMail view.

  1. Login to the SecureMail Outlook Plugin
  2. Under the "Secure Mail" section of your Outlook folders, go to any folder that has messages which you are the original sender of (archive, drafts, inbox, sent folders)
  3. Select the "Delete" icon at the top of the message thread as seen below
    *Note, if you do NOT see the DELETE icon, this means you are not the original sender of this message and do not have the rights to permanently delete it.  If you have a working relationship with the sender of this message, you can ask that they delete it (if they DELETE that email within their SecureMail account- it will remove it for you as well).
  4. Once you select the "Delete" icon, you will receive a pop-up to complete this action.
    1. Select "OK" to complete this action, this will delete the email for yourself and the recipient
    2. Select "Cancel" to cancel this action, your email will not be deleted
  5. If you do choose to delete the email by selecting OK- you will get this black confirmation in the upper right hand corner of your outlook:





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