TruForm Classic: Viewing Registration Submissions & Attachments


Instructions below ONLY apply to TruForm on MyPBHS.

In this section we will go over the following:

How to Access Registration Submissions

*Please note our truform submission storage details here.  

  1. Login to the MyPBHS Portal  
  2. Scroll down and select the "Registrations" option (located towards the middle of this page).
    • Note the additional option located at the top under the "TruForm" tab labeled "View Registrations"- this will also lead you to your Registration submissions.
    • Within your list of all registration submissions, you will up to 151 MAX at any given time.

      *Note, it is important to process these records down to your EHR so you can archive them through MyPBHS.  This will free up space within your submission list to ensure you can see all submissions.  

      *If you do have more than 151 submissions, if you archive current registrations within your current view, this will allow room for previous/older registrations on the last few pages of your submission list.
  3. Find the patient submission you would like to view within your "Patient Registrations" list
    • You can do this by either typing in the name of the patient you are looking for in the "Search Forms" area, or navigate from page to page to review your full list.  
  4. To the far LEFT of the submission- select the "View" option (with a PDF icon)
  5. This will open the PDF submission in a new tab within your browser
  6. From here you can close the tab once you are done, or you can also:

    (options may vary depending on what this PDF is opening in, default PDF viewer or adobe reader).

    *You should see an icon similar to this to print this submission.

    *You should see an icon similar to this to download/save this submission to your local computer.

How to Access Registration Attachments:

With MyPBHS TruForm, after the form is submitted- the patient will have the ability to upload any associated attachments along with the submitted registration (ex. insurance cards, drivers license etc.).  

Through the MyPBHS portal, you will have the ability to save these attachments away from the submitted truForm.  Additionally, if these attachments were uploaded as a common image type (jpeg, tiff, bmp, gif), they will also be added as embedded images as new pages added to the end of your PDF form.

  1. Login to the MyPBHS Portal  
  2. Scroll down and select the "Registrations" option (located towards the middle of this page).
  3. Any registrations submitted that have additional attachments will show the following options under the "Uploads" column:
          [View]          Will allow you to view and download each individual file
          [Download]  Will allow you to download ALL attachments within a zip file
    *located to the RIGHT of the patient name as seen below: 

Saving ALL Attachments using the Download Option

  1. Select the "Download" option
  2. The system will prompt you to "Save" these attachments (within a ZIP file).
  3. Choose the location on your computer and select "Save":

Saving Individual Attachments using the View Option:

  1. Select the "View" option
  2. This will open a pop-up window as seen below:
    • A pop-up window will appear with the attachments that are available (note only common image file types can be seen here, documents (.docx or pdf) will not show in this preview
    • Select the "Click HERE to download this image":
    • The system will prompt you to "Save" this x-ray, select the location and select "Save":

    • Select "Save"
    • Repeat step within #2 for each attachment you would like to save individually. 



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