TruForm Classic: Patient Instructions


Instructions below ONLY apply to TruForm on MyPBHS.

In most cases, you dental or medical office should be directing you to complete your online forms prior to your next appointment (this will save anywhere from 15-30 minutes of in office time).  If they have instructed you to complete your online forms, follow these instructions below:

  1. If Instructed via Email:
    • Follow the instructions within the email, once you open the form via a browser- skip down to step 7 below.
  2. If Instructed via Phone:
    • Navigate to to your dental or medical office's website
    • Find the Online Forms section or page (in this example we will use the patient registration)
      • This option is usually found under the "Patient Information" drop down, if you are unsure where to look- contact your office! 
    • Once on the forms page, select the option presented to fill out the form in question (should be similar to the below option):pat-reg-form.png    
  3. This will open the form within a new tab of your browser window as seen below
  4. Fill out as many fields on the form as possible
  5. Select the "Next" button when you are ready to move to the next page
  6. Once you are on the very last page, you may notice the top/bottom "Next" buttons will turn into a "Submit" option.
  7. Select the "Submit" button to submit your secure information to your doctor's office:
  8. Once submitted, you will receive a green confirmation pop-up below:
  9. On this confirmation screen, you will have 3 additional options:
    1. DOWNLOAD a copy of your Submitted Form, for your own records:
      • Select the "here" within the sentence that states "Please click here to download a copy of your submitted form for your records."
      • As noted, you must have Adobe Reader installed to view/print or save this submitted PDF.
    2. UPLOAD ADDITIONAL ATTACHMENTS (for example, an insurance card)
      • Select the "here" within the sentence that states "You may upload a physical insurance card now by clicking here."
      • Within this same window, you will then be asked to upload your insurance card/images now
      • Click on the "Select" button to upload any images needed (please note, you can only upload one image per each "Select" button"). 

      • This will connect you to your computer, where you can search for the needed image to add
      • Select "Open"
      • Once all images are ready, select "Submit" (*note, if you wish to cancel the upload images process, select the "X" in the bottom right hand corner).
      • Once you select the "Submit" button above, you will see the final confirmation below.  Select the "X" located in the bottom right hand corner to close this window or tab.  
      • This will submit the images and the form together for the office to review
    3. CLOSE THIS WINDOW (once everything is submitted and saved down, you can exit this window)
      • Select the "here" within the sentence that states "Click here to close this window".
      • This will close the browser window you are currently in (or the single tab, if you have multiple tabs open)





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