TruForm Classic: DSN Integration


Instructions below ONLY apply to TruForm on MyPBHS.

In this section we will go over the following:

TruForm Integration Fields

TruForm will integrate with DSN v11.7, v14 & v16

This document includes ALL fields that integrate between TruForm and DSN.  If your custom form is setup for integration correctly, items listed below will populate within your software. Note, if you have additional fields on your form that are NOT listed below, you can manually enter them into your patient's account once integration is completed!

If you use our standard form below, the sections listed below are already integrated!

*The data in this column below will import directly into DSN creating a new account for that patient. Additionally all the information is merged into a customizable form and added to the patients attached documents within the software (including the below fields):

*note these fields within the column below do not integrate directly...


  • First Name
  • Last name
  • Middle Initial
  • Nickname
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Work Phone
    • Work Ext
  • Home Phone
  • Email
  • Address
    • Street
    • City
    • State or Province 
    • Zip or Postal Code


  • Title (ex. Mr., Mrs., Miss., Dr.)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Middle Initial
  • Suffix
  • Address
    • Street
    • City
    • State or Province 
    • Zip or Postal Code
  • Home Phone
  • Work Phone
    • Work Ext


  • Insured First Name
  • Insured Middle Initial
  • Insured Last Name
  • Insured Gender
  • Insured Social Security Number
  • Insured Date of Birth
  • Insurance Company Name
  • Insurance ID
  • Insured Employer Name
  • Insured Relationship


  • Previous Dentist
  • Physician Name
  • Relative Name
  • Relative Phone
  • Referral Name


  • Emergency Contact Name
  • Emergency Phone
  • Referral Name

Software Integration Re-cap:

This software integration integrates a set amount of fields for:

  • Patient Demographic fields 

Also please note:

  • Returning patients that re-register online can be converted into DSN v14 unlimited times. The first time the patient is imported as a "new" patient. After that, the office would "update" that existing patient.
  • DSN software saves all imported truForm documents. It does not overwrite the originally imported truForm when an existing patient re-registers online.
  • TruForm integrates DSN v11.7, v14 & v16 ONLY!  If you have any other software version with DSN, it will not support TruForm Integration.

Converting TruForm into Your DSN Software

  1. Within your DSN software, select the "Go" menu
  2. Select the "Online Patient Registration" Option

  3. This will show the screen directly below, select the "Import" button
  4. The import routine will download any pending online registration/TruForms

  5. Registrations will appear like this below:

  6. At this point, you can decide if this is a new patient or an existing patient.

Importing a New Patient:

  1. Select the "Add" button seen directly below
  2. This will take you to the new patient wizard with information from the online registration filled in.

  3. The "New Patient" DSN wizard will walk you through this process, here you can change or add to the information provided.
  4. Some of the information is not automatically added, and the user will need to select the appropriate item or add a new item.
    • For example, the patient employer is not automatically added, you will need to decide if they have that employer on file or you need to add it in.  If it is on file, you can pick the employer from the dropdown box.  If you need to add it, just select the Plus icon.  This will start the add of the employer with the information from the online registration filled in.   We do it this way so the user does not end up with many copies of the same employer on file within the DSN system.
  5. New Patient Wizard Patient Information:
    (note:  this area below in red is to display what was entered in the online registration, so you know what it was if they change it.  This is a feature that is only partially implemented at this time and more is coming soon per DSN).
  6. Select the "Next" button once done verifying information:

  7. The "New Patient" Wizard Account Information screen will appear, select the "Next" button once done verifying information:

  8. The "New Patient" Wizard Contact and Referral Information, select the "Next" button once done verifying information:

  9. The "New Patient" Wizard Dental Insurance Primary, select the "Next" button once done verifying information:
    The Dental Secondary, Medical Primary, and Medical Secondary entry look exactly the same

  10. The "New Patient" Status Information, select the "Finish" button once done verifying information:

  11. Once you select "Finish" above, the patient will be added to the system.  

    The online registration PDF/truform will be added to the New Patient Attachments area.

DSN Software Support Information

You can contact DSN Support Below (for existing clients only):

Phone: 800-871-9271
Hours: M-F 5am- 5pm PST
Support Page: [Click Here]


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