SecureMail: Checking Your Invoices


Checking your SecureMail Invoices


Checking Your Invoice Online

You may easily check your SecureMail invoices via your MySecurePractice account. To begin, first log in to your MySecurePractice account. Then, Locate your Profile and navigate to your Messaging section.


Within the Messaging section of your Profile, there will be a button labeled "View Invoices" Selecting this button will open a window containing the transaction Id, amount, description, and date of your past transactions.



Emailing Invoice Summary

In addition, you may email yourself a copy of the Invoice Summary as it appears in your profile. To do so, simply view your Invoice and click the "Email Summary" button from within this window. This will automatically send an itemized invoice to the email address associated with your MySecurePractice account (I.e., the email you use to log in to the account you are currently using).


Pictured below is the layout of the Invoice Summary you will receive in the email. It will contain the amounts of each transaction, as well as a description of each charge and the date the transaction was processed. If you have any questions about one of the items on the invoice, please contact us at (800) 840-5383.





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