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Instructions below ONLY apply to truForm.

The TruForm integration requires no additional charge from PBHS, and can be setup at anytime with your PBHS TruForm order. Please contact PBHS Support further if you are ready to start this process.

Once the integration settings are added to your form(s) and truForm account, you will need to set your own integration credentials through your new truForm account's profile settings and provide this information to your software representative directly (PBHS does not have access to this information). Instructions on setting your integration credentials through the portal can be found HERE.

*Please note, you will need to contact your software provider to obtain more information about the pricing for their TruForm bridge, as there may be additional fees.

Integration with our truForm v6 system is available for v15.0 and above of:

Please note, v.15.0 and up will only work with this truForm integration if this version was installed 09/23/2016 and after. 

Click here to check your version and date

This includes ALL fields that integrate between TruForm v6 and Henry Schein v15.0+. If your custom form is setup correctly, items below will populate within your software. Note, if you have additional fields that are NOT listed below, you can manual enter them into your patients account once integration is completed!

If you use one of our standard forms below, the sections listed below are already integrated!


First Name
Middle Initial
Last Name
Gender (M/F)
Martial Description
Date of Birth
Social Security Number
Home Phone
Cell Phone
Driver’s License
Employer Name
Work Phone

*IF YOU ARE USING A CUSTOM FORM: Patient Address/ City/ State fields must be split out into its own in order to integrate correctly.

[See Example]

Address Street Name
State or Province
Zip or Postal Code

Family member former patient?

*IF YOU ARE USING A CUSTOM FORM: Dentist/Doctor/Referred By/Nearest Relative Names on the form must be split out into first name last name in order to integrate correctly.

[See Example]

Dentist First Name
Dentist Last Name

Orthodontist First Name
Orthodontist Last Name

Medical Doctor First Name
Medical Doctor Last Name

Referred By First Name
Referred By Last Name

Nearest Relative First Name
Nearest Relative Last Name
Nearest Relative Phone

Payment Method


*IF YOU ARE USING A CUSTOM FORM: Emergency Full Name should stay as one field for first and last name. 

[See Example]

Emergency Full Name 
Home Phone

First Name
Last Name
Relationship to Patient
Relationship Description
Date of Birth
Social Security Number
Address Street
State or Province
Zip Code or Postal Code
Home Phone
Employer Name
Work Phone


*IF YOU ARE USING A CUSTOM FORM: Responsible Name on the form must be split out into first name last name in order to integrate correctly.

[See Example]

First Name
Last Name
Relationship to Patient
Social Security Number
Date of Birth
Phone Home
Phone Other
Driver's License

Address Street Name

State or Province
Zip or Postal Code

Employer Name
Phone Work


*IF YOU ARE USING A CUSTOM FORM: School Name/ Address/ City/ State must be split out into its own fields in order to integrate correctly.

[See Example]

School Status (Full, Part, Not)
School Name
School Address Street Name
School City
School State or Province
School Zip or Postal Code

Employer Status(Full, Part, Not)


*IF YOU ARE USING A CUSTOM FORM: Each insurance type (primary medical, primary dental, secondary medical, secondary dental must be separated into its own area for each question below in order to integrate correctly.

[See Example]

*IF YOU ARE USING A CUSTOM FORM: All Address/ City/ State must be split out into its own fields in order to integrate correctly.

[See Example]

*IF YOU ARE USING A CUSTOM FORM: Insured Name on the form must be split out into first name last name in order to integrate correctly.

[See Example]

HS Reason being this: There are so many variations on the insurance company names – if it isn’t an exact match, it could cause for multiple entries and a big mess.

Insured Relation to Patient
Insured First Name
Insured Last Name
Insured Gender (M/F)
Insured Date of Birth
Insured Social Security Number
Insured Home Phone
Insured Home Address Street
Insured City
Insured State or Province
Insured Zip Code or Postal Code

Insured Employer Name
Insured Employer Address
Insured Employer City
Insured Employer State or Province
Insured Employer Zip or Postal
Insured Employer Phone Number

Insured Policy Group Name
Insured Policy Group Number
Insured Policy ID
Insured Policy Plan
Insured Insurance Company Name
Insured Insurance Address Street
Insured Insurance City
Insured Insurance State or Province
Insured Insurance Zip/ Postal Code
Insured Insurance Phone Number


If you have a group of problems/issues in one question- they will not integrate. They must be laid out similar to the format given below.

Some items we group together, will come over as one item, see below:

  1. Reason for today's office visit
  2. Weight
  3. Height
  4. Are you in good health
  5. Have there been any changes in your general health in the past year
  6. Are you under the care of a physician 
    • If so, for what are you being treated?
    • Date of last visit
  7. Have you had any illness, operation or been hospitalized in the past five years
    • If so, describe
  8. Do you have unhealed / recurrent injuries or inflamed areas, growths or sore spots in or around your mouth 
    • If so, describe where
  9. Do you have a prosthetic joint / implant  
    • If so, describe where
  10. Have you had a heart valve replacement or vascular graft
  11. DOES NOT INTEGRATE: 8. Have you ever had general anesthesia?
  12. Have you, or a family member, had any unusual or serious reactions to general anesthesia?
  13. Has a physician or previous dentist recommended that you take antibiotics prior to your dental treatment?
  14. Rheumatic fever?
  15. Damaged heart valves / mitral valve prolapse?
  16. Heart murmur?
  17. High blood pressure?
  18. Low blood pressure?
  19. Chest pain / angina?
    (Comes over as angina)
  20. Heart attack(s)?
  21. Irregular heart beat?
  22. Cardiac pacemaker?
  23. Heart surgery?
  24. Pneumonia, bronchitis, chronic cough? 
    (Comes over as bronchitis/chronic cough)
  25. Asthma?
  26. Hay fever / sinus problems?
  27. Snoring
  28. Sleep apnea / CPAP?
  29. Difficult breathing / other lung trouble?
    (Comes over as other lung trouble)
  30. Tuberculosis?
  31. Emphysema?
  32. Do you smoke?
    • If so, number of packs per day
  33. Do you use chewing tobacco?
  34. Blood transfusion?
  35. Blood disorder such as anemia?
    (Comes over as anemia)
  36. Bruise easily?
  37. Bleeding tendency / abnormal bleed?
    (Comes over as bleeding tendency)
  38. Hepatitis, jaundice, or liver disease?
  39. Infectious mononucleosis?
  40. Gallbladder trouble?
  41. Fainting spells?
  42. Convulsions / epilepsy?
  43. Stroke?
  44. Thyroid trouble?
  45. Diabetes?
  46. Low blood sugar?
  47. Kidney trouble?
  48. High cholesterol?
  49. Are you on dialysis?
  50. Swollen ankles / arthritis / joint disease?
    (Comes over as arthritis)
  51. Osteoporosis / osteopenia?
  52. Osteonecrosis?
  53. Stomach ulcers / acid reflux?
    (Comes over as stomach ulcers)
  54. Contagious diseases?
  55. Sexually transmitted diseases?
  56. Problems with immune system? Possibly from medication / surgery, etc.
  57. Delay in healing?
  58. A tumor or growth?
  59. Cancer / radiation therapy / chemotherapy?
    (Comes over as xray or chemo)
  60. Chronic fatigue / night sweats?
  61. Are you on a diet?
  62. A history of alcohol abuse?
  63. A history of drug abuse?
  64. Contact lenses?
  65. Eye disease / glaucoma?
  66. Mental health problems / anxiety / depression?
    (Comes over as mental health problems)
  67. A removable dental appliance?
  68. Pain or clicking of jaws when eating?

 Entire Section does not Integrate:


  1. Is there a possibility of pregnancy?
  2. Expected delivery date?
  3. Are you nursing?
  4. Are you taking birth control pills?


  1. Any kind of medication, drug, pills?
  2. Blood thinners (Coumadin, Plavix, Aspirin, Vitamin E, Ginko biloba, Aggrenox, Pradaxa, Fish oil)?
  3. Have you ever taken diet pills?
  4. Any natural product, herbal supplement or homeopathic remedy?
  5. Are you taking, or have you ever taken,
    bone density meds. or bisphosphonates
    such as Fosamax, Boniva, Actonel, IV–
    Zometa, or Aredia in the past 12 years?
  6. Tranquilizers, sleeping pills, anti-depressants, and/or narcotics on a regular basis? If so, please list:
  7. Please list any medications you are currently taking:**Maximum of 20 medications, dosage and frequency**


  1. Local anesthetic (numbing meds.)?
  2. Penicillin?
  3. Other antibiotics?
  4. Sulfa drugs?
  5. Sodium pentothal / Valium /other tranquilizers?
  6. Aspirin?
  7. Amoxicillin?
  8. Codeine or other narcotics?
  9. Latex?
  10. Soy?
  11. Eggs / yolk?
  12. Sulfites?
  13. Do you have any known allergies?
  14. Please list any allergies other than drug allergies:
  15. Please list any other medication or antibiotic you are allergic to:**Maximum of 10 allergies for medications/antibiotics**


  1. Family History of Cancer
  2. Family History of Diabetes
  3. Family History of Heart Disease
  4. Family History of Anesthetic Problems


  1. Is visit related to an accident?
  2. Type of accident- auto/work/other
  3. Date of injury
  4. Insurance Company Handling Claim
  5. Claim Number
  6. Attorney or Adjustor
  7. Attorney Phone


  1. If you are having surgery today, have you had anything to eat or drink in the last 6 (six) hours?
    • Who is driving you home?
  2. Is there any condition concerning your health that the Doctor should be told about
    • If Yes, why?
  3. Do you wish to speak to the Dr. privately about anything?

Software Integration Re-cap:

This software integration integrates a set amount of fields for:

  • Patient Demographic Fields (reviewed above)
  • Responsible Party Fields (reviewed above)
  • Primary and Secondary Dental/Medical Insurance Fields (reviewed above) *if company name from submitted PDF matches wording within Henry Schein Software List.
  • Health History Fields (reviewed above)
  • Medication Fields (reviewed above)
  • Allergies Fields (reviewed above)
  • Integration of the patients submitted form within the patient's account


Henry Schein - Check your version and install date

  1. Within your Henry Schein software, select the "Help" drop down menu
  2. Select "About" and a small window will pop up
  3. You will see the version of the software you are on, and the date it was installed at the bottom of this window (centered)- see below, highlighted in yellow
  4. You must have the version 15.0 and the install must be 9/23/2016 or after for integration to work correctly.  

 Henry Schein - Software Version Differences

  • "Use new API“ would need to be checked within the HS software
    **A Henry Schein rep will need to configure this setting within your software.
  • TruForm can only be used with HS software v.15.0 and up (and this software version has to be installed 9/23/16 and after for integration to work).

(most clients will jump from 15.0 to 15.1, skipping 15.0 PST)

Software Version

DV v15.0
installed 9/23/16 or after

DV v15.0 PST
installed 9/23/16 or after

DV v15.1 &
v15.1 PST 
installed 9/23/16
or after

DV v15.2
installed 9/23/16
or after

Platform Used 

  • Same as DV v15.0
  • Same as DV v15.0
  • Same as DV v15.0

TF Integration

  • Same as DV v15.0
  • Same as DV v15.0
  • Same as DV v15.0

Additional Features






  • Integration for new patients only
  • Multi-office:  If you share one Henry Schein software database, you can only have one truForm login for all offices to share
  • Allergies displayed
  • Medical History Surveys created in EHR for new (pre-reg) patient when those patients are registered
  • Same as DV v15.0,
  • Integration for new and existing patients (preference setting in DV)
  • This feature is not currently working:  Download Multiple Forms for one patient
  • Multi-office:  If you share one HS database, you can now have a truForm login for each office. PBHS will need your Henry Schein Location ID and fees will apply for mutli-office setup.
  • Everything in 15.0 & 15.0 PST


  • Everything in 15.0 & 15.0 PST


 Henry Schein - Identifying your Location ID

Within your Henry Schein Software:

  1. Select the "File" drop down option
  2. Select the option labeled "Locations"
  3. Please let PBHS Support know the following information for each location:
    1. Office Name
    2. Associated Number to the left under the "#" column for that Office Name

If requested, please send this information directly to OR reply back to the email request from support.  

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