Capture the Image


*If you will be posting to facebook or twitter, please ensure you have synced your accounts prior to creating a post.  

  1. Once you Sign In
  2. Select the bottom gray option labeled "Create Post"
  3. This will activate your camera, where you will have two choices:
    Take a Picture Photo Library
    Select the blue circle located in the center bottom of your phone:
    Tap on the thumbnail image located in your bottom left hand corner:library.png
      Within your photo library, choose the folder location where your image is located:library1.png
      Select the image you would like to use by tapping directly on it:

  4. Within your photo editor, you can:
    1. Add a Filter      
    2. Add a Sticker
  5. Once you are finished using the Editor, select the icon located in the bottom right hand corner to continue:
    *Note, once you continue you will not be able to get back to your photo editor
  6. Have your patient review and sign the Terms and Condition:
  7. Select "Submit" to continue (a signature is required to move forward)
  8. Here you will have two options, you can choose to:
    *select an option below to continue with instructions
    1. post-to-social.png
    2. post-to-export.png
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