Posting to Instagram or Exporting


**In order to export to a 3rd Party Platform like Instagram:  On the same device, you must have that app installed and have an active login.  

  1. Once you've completed the "Create a Post" steps
  2. Select the option labeled "Export Image to Instagram or to Another 3rd Party Platform"
  3. Your native phone options will appear, tap on the app or option you would like to export this image to (in this example we will use instagram):
    *dependent on what accounts are connected to your phone, you can export to another app or save the image directly to your phone using this option!  
  4. Instagram (or the app chosen) will open with the photo you took within the Studio App
  5. Add an optional caption to the post (or select "Share" to post the image without a caption)
  6. Once your caption is completed, select "OK":
    *Ensure the instagram logo displayed to the LEFT is from your business profile.  This is displaying the logo/account where it will post to (this will only be a problem if you are logged into multiple instagram accounts from your phone)
  7. Select "Share" to post to instagram:
  8. You will find this published post under "Previous Post" list.
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