Editing a Scheduled Post


In this section we will go over the following:

Editing your Scheduled Post

  1. Once you Sign in
  2. Select the "Scheduled Posts" list
  3. Select the "Edit" icon on the post you would like to edit:
  4. Here you can:

Editing your Caption:

  1. Tap in the caption field to activate the keyboard and cursor to modify the caption
  2. Once complete, if you've made any changes to your post select "Save" located in the top right hand corner of your post.

Editing the Scheduled Post Date and Time

  1. Select "Change Schedule Date"
  2. The Date/Time picker will open, here you can change the date/time by scrolling up and down
  3. Select the "Done" button to confirm the date/time selected
    • Or select "Cancel" at anytime to disregard the changes to your scheduled post date and time

  4. Select "Save" located on the top right hand corner of your post if you've made any changes
    • Or select the "Back" button to disregard any changes, this will lead you back to "Previous Posts"
  5. Once you select "Save", This will ask you to confirm your action:
    1. Select the "Yes" button to save, this will lead you back to your "Scheduled Posts" list
    2. Select the "No" button to go back to your Scheduled Post

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