Posting to Facebook and/or Twitter

  1. Once you've completed the "Create a Post" steps
  2. Select the first option labeled "Create and/or Schedule New Post on Studio Connected Social Media Platforms":
  3. Complete the below information to submit your post:
    1. Caption
      • You have the option to add a caption along with your image
      • Tap on the field labeled "Add a caption", this will activate your keyboard to complete your caption wording.
      • *Note, a caption is required if you are sharing this on Twitter.
    2. Post to Social Media Channels
      • Tap the Facebook and/or Twitter toggle to activate each one
      • The toggles will turn green once activated to post
      • You must have at least one social channel activated.
    3. Schedule Post for Later, click here.
  4. Select "Post" to publish or complete your scheduled post!

Where to find this post within the Studio App?     

  • If you scheduled your post, you will find this post under your "Scheduled Post" list.
  • If you published your post right away, you will find this post under "Previous Post" list.
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