Duplicating a Scheduled Post

  1. Once you Sign in
  2. Select the "Scheduled Posts" list
  3. Select the "Edit" icon on the post you would like to edit:
  4. Select the "Duplicate Post" option
  5. This will copy your image and caption over to a new "Create Post" page where you have the ability to:
    • Edit the caption
    • Select the Social Channels to post to
    • Schedule a Post

Edit the Caption

  1. You have the option to edit the caption for this post
  2. Tap on the caption field, this will activate your keyboard to complete your caption modification or addition.
    *Note, a caption is required if you are sharing this on Twitter. 

Selecting Social Channels *required

  1. Tap the Facebook and/or Twitter toggle to activate each one
  2. The toggle will turn green once activated
  3. You must have at least one social channel activated to post

Schedule Post for Later

  • Click here for step by step instructions on scheduling a post!

Once you have completed the steps above, select "Post" to publish or complete your scheduled post.

Where to find this post within the Studio App?

  • If you scheduled your post, you will find this post under your "Scheduled Post" list.
  • If you published your post right away, you will find this post under "Previous Post" list.
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