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Social Media Account Options Missing When Creating a Post


  1. Once you Sign In
  2. When you "Create Post"
  3. On the last step "Create Post" page
  4. There are no options visible under "Post to Social Media Channels":


Under settings you are not logged into your Facebook and/or Twitter Business page.  

  1. Select "Back" on this page
  2. If you would like to "Save" this image to use and "Create a Post" again, select the "Export Image to Instagram or to Another 3rd Party Platform"
    • Or select "Cancel" to go back to the main Studio dashboard (previous posts)
  3. Your native phone options will appear
  4. Tap on the option to Save this image to your phone:
  5. Back on your main Studio dashboard, select the settings icon and complete the connection to Facebook and/or Twitter business pages.
  6. Once completed, you can now Create Post and use the image saved to your phone
  7. Once on the last step for "Create Post", you should now see the social options to post to:

Image is Exporting to the Wrong Instagram Account

This will happen if you have two accounts logged into your Instagram App on the device you are using.  


  1. When I use the export feature when I create a post
  2. Within Instagram, I see my personal or incorrect logo to the LEFT (that isn't connected to my business account):
  3. Select "Cancel" so you don't post this image to the incorrect account


Within Instagram, you need to physically be on your business account.  

  1. Open Instagram on your device
  2. Select the profile icon to your far right
  3. Select your account name with a drop down option located at the top
  4. Select your business page account name within this list
  5. This will open your instagram business page:
  6. Now open the Studio App and select "Create Post"
  7. Once you capture the image follow these steps for exporting.



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