TruForm Classic: Digital Signatures


Instructions below ONLY apply to TruForm on MyPBHS.

Please find the instructions below for enabling your patients to sign your TruForm™ registration forms using a topaz signature pad. If your Truform™ is integrated with your practice management software, you will need to contact your software representative to make sure that digitally signed documents (in a PDF format) can be saved into the patient’s account. There are a few software companies that prevent the attachments of PDF documents back into the patients account.  

If truform is integrated into any of the following software companies (WinOMScs, WindentOMS, DSN, Henry Schein, Medims, Panda Perio, or Online Medsys), you can have your software company show you how to sign truform directly through your software!

Please note, WinOMScs 'CLOUD' versions DO NOT SUPPORT TOPAZ signature pads due to Adobe Acrobat Licensing. 


Getting Started:

If you do not have a signature pad and/or either adobe acrobat or a program to PDF's in, start here!

STEP #1 Select a Program to use for signing PDFs:

There are currently two programs PBHS can recommend that can complete truForm signing.  Adobe acrobat (a paid for program) and pDoc Signer by Topaz (a free program via Topaz). 

  1. (free application)  pDoc Signer  (
    This is a free product that can be installed, created by Topaz for signing PDF forms using their topaz signature pad.  This product can complete signatures as well as annotation within the form as needed.
  2. (paid application) Adobe Acrobat (either standard or professional)  FULL VERSION
    **Standard would be a little less expensive, and can do everything you need regarding signatures
    • You can find this on e-bay's website, click here.  This will lead you to professional options, you can also search e-bay's website for Adobe Acrobat Standard.
      Or directly from adobe’s website, click here.

STEP #2 Select a Topaz Signature Pad for signing:

  1. You can browse through their signature pads below:
  2. Here in support, we use this topaz signature pad for testing with TruForm. It is one of the less expensive signature pads and works perfectly for signing TruForm PDF's:  (the USB option)
  3. *You will need to contact Topaz directly for pricing, click here for Topaz Support Information.

If you choose to purchase adobe acrobat and/or already have adobe acrobat standard or pro installed: 

Once you have adobe acrobat installed- you would need to use the settings/PDF attached to change the settings within adobe acrobat to connect to your topaz signature pad.


Required Settings through Adobe Acrobat:

If you choose to sign through adobe, follow the below instructions:

The settings below will connect your topaz signature pad to your adobe program, so you can sign submitted TruForms: 

TruForm Signing Overview:

To sign truForm correctly, please note the following:

  1. TruForms must be submitted BEFORE signatures can be completed using a Topaz Signature Pad. 
      • If you are using the PBHS standard OMS (HTML5) v.5 TruForm, patient signatures can be captured before the form is submitted.  This signature setup would be used to capture doctor/staff signatures once TruForm is submitted.
  2. Only one signature or date can be signed at a time
  3. You must open the submitted form within Adobe Acrobat Standard or Professional or pDoc Signer to correctly sign your TruForm with Topaz
  4. PBHS recommends Topaz Signature Pads
  5. WinOMScs Client Alert:  Please note, WinOMScs 'CLOUD' versions DO NOT SUPPORT TOPAZ signature pads due to Adobe Acrobat Licensing. 

Support Information:

Topaz Support Click here  
Adobe Support  Click here  
PBHS Support Click here  
*Please contact PBHS support if you would like the ability to sign your forms digitally!


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