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Instructions below ONLY apply to TruForm on MyPBHS.

Patients side - Printing the completed form:

Please Note:

The latest version of Adobe Reader is required in order to successfully use our forms. Please click here to download

  • The patient would fill out the form online and submit their information to your office
  • Once submitted will be given the ability to PRINT their submitted form (to keep for their records in a PDF format):

    Below is a example of the confirmation that would be displayed to patients once the form is submitted.  From here they can upload their insurance cards and/or print out their submitted form in a PDF document. 


Patients side - Uploading Insurance Card

    • upload.pngThe patient can click on the 2nd "here" button to upload any insurance cards as a common Image type/Microsoft Word document.

    • The window to the RIGHT will appear, the patient can upload the needed insurance file here:*Instructions below the upload area indicate what file extensions can be uploaded here

    • Once the image is selected, they can now click the “Submit” button The patient will get the below confirmation- they can click the X in the bottom RIGHT hand corner to exit The image will attach as the LAST page of the submitted PDF form

Admin side - How to View/Print/Save Insurance Card:

Please Note:

The latest version of Adobe Reader is required in order to successfully use our forms. Please click here to download

      • Your office will be notified via email of the new submitted form. Once you login to: you will see your new form under the “View Registrations” page.

How To View/Print/Save The Insurance Card and Submitted TruForm Together:


  • Click the "View" PDF Icon to the LEFT of the patients name (red/white pdf icon)
    • Your truform will open in a new window
    • If you scroll to the very last page- you will notice the image uploaded by the patient is embedded as a PDF image as the last page of the patients submitted form
  • You can choose to SAVE:
    • While the form is open, click the “file” drop down menu
    • Select the “Save As” option
    • Now select where you would like to save this form on your computer
  • You can choose to PRINT:
    • While the form is open, click the "file" drop down menu
    • Select the "Print" option

How To View/Print/Save The Insurance Card ONLY:

  • You will also notice the [View] and [Download] options: *located to the RIGHT of the patient name
    • Click the [View]: button, the patients insurance image will open so you can save/print this as needed:

      If you find the patient has uploaded more than one insurance image, the next button >> will become available for you to navigate to the next image.  Next button >> located in the bottom RIGHT hand corner to move to the next image/document uploaded.
    • *Click the red "HERE" to download/save this image- located in the upper LEFT hand corner.
    • Use the >> next button to move onto the next image uploaded
    • Use the (X) to exit out of this window.
  • The below window will open:
    • OPEN: This will open your image so you can PRINT
    • SAVE: Will give you the ability to choose a location on your computer to save the image directly
  • [Download] If you click the [Download] button- this will bring up a similar option: 

    • OPEN: You can choose to OPEN, this will open the file(s) saved temporarily to your computer to view one time
    • SAVE: This will save the insurance image (or it will save a group of insurance images as a zip file on your computer where you specify)

TruForm Submission Errors

  • If you are experiencing issues with patients submitting their online form, please contact PBHS Support right away. Most likely you have an older version of TruForm Classic which has known compatibility problems with Mac computers as well as web browsers other than Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. This causes patient’s forms to not properly submit.
  • PBHS Support can upgrade your office to our current TruForm HTML Classic system v. 3.0.
  • This is done FREE of charge. Please contact PBHS Support and request an upgrade to TruForm Classic v. 3.0 today.  Include your website URL/name in the subject line!!
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