Mac Mail


IMPORTANT: In all of the instructions below, replace "" with your domain name and do not type in www.

The instructions below will walk you through setting up Mac Mail

  1. Open Mac Mail and go to the program's preferences
  2. Click the plus button to add a new account
  3. Enter in your name, email address and the password for your account and click Continue
  4. Choose POP as the account type, enter in a description (for example: incoming mail)
  5. Enter in as the mail server name (remember to use your own domain here)
  6. Enter in the username and password
  7. The outgoing mail server name will be (remember to use your own domain here)
  8. Click the “Use authentication” option
  9. Enter in your email address and password
  10. Click “create”
  11. Once it has been created, go back to Mac Mail preferences and click on “Accounts”
  12. Click the Outgoing Server list and select the “Edit server” option from the list
  13. Click the “Advanced” button the next screen and click the “Authentication” option and choose “Password” from the list.
  14. Click the box labeled "Allow insecure password"
  15. AT&T, Verizon, Rogers, Shaw, Bell, Optimum Online, Qwest, and Cox Internet Customers Only, see extra step: Click on the Advanced tab. Change outgoing port to 101
  16. Close this window
  17. Save the changes if you are prompted
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