Mobile Devices (Cellphones & tablets)


IMPORTANT: In all of the instructions below, replace "" with your domain name (ie. and do not type in www.

Please refer to your owner instruction manual for your mobile device email application. The settings you'll need are as follows:

  • Incoming and Outgoing mail server: (replace "" with your domain name and do not type in www)
  • Account/User Name: your complete email address
  • Password: you should have this, let PBHS Support know if you need it reset
  • Outgoing mail server authentication method: email address and password
  • SSL: Turn this setting OFF. It is usually on by default
  • IMAP Incoming port: 143
  • SMTP Outgoing port: 101

** All devices setup email accounts differently. We always recommend referring to the owner’s manual for setup guidelines and instructions, or contact your service provider for additional help.**

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