inForm: Coupon Manager and Adding Coupons


Instructions below ONLY apply to Inform.


To access your coupon library, from the top menu select Settings > My Coupons.

Here you can click either "New Coupon" or "View the inForm Coupon Library" orange buttons at the top right and bottom right.

  • The "New Coupon" button will generate a new coupon, for which you can enter a Title, Description and Expiration Date. Click the orange "Insert" button if you'd like to add it to your coupon library. You will now see it displayed as a coupon in the list.
  • The "View the InForm Coupon Library" button will load the PBHS Coupon library, which provides you 5 options of pre-created coupons. Click on one from the right hand column to view it, then choose the orange "Add to My Coupons" button to add it to your coupon library for further editing or to add it to your newsletter.

Once you return to your coupon library, you'll see any new coupons you've added on the right. Click each to display and edit as needed. They will be available for you to add to the newsletter within the Newsletter Content section (see below to learn how to Add a Coupon to Your Newsletter).


1. Login to your inForm account and either Create a Newsletter or "Edit" a previous newsletter from the My Newsletters list on the home screen.

2. From the Newsletter Content tab, you can use the blue "Content Options" box to add a coupon. To add a previously created coupon, or one from the PBHS library, begin by clicking the same “Manage Coupon/Specials” button in the blue “Content Options” box.

3. On the right side of the window that pops up, you will see “My Coupon Library” with your saved coupons you've added and edited. Select each one to display and edit them just as you did in the Coupon Management section.

You can also click the orange box “VIEW THE INFORM COUPON LIBRARY” at the bottom of this box to add a new coupon from the PBHS coupon library and edit then insert it.

4. Once you have selected the coupon to add to your newsletter from the My Coupon Library list on the right, click the checkbox below the displayed coupon to "Add to my newsletter." Then click CONTINUE in the upper right corner of this window to insert this coupon into a text area at the bottom of your newsletter.

5. From here, you can continue to edit your newsletter using the Newsletter Content section!

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