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inForm features “Contact Lists” as a way to make it easier than ever for you to market to particular groups. You want to make sure your newsletters are interesting and relevant to everyone they reach, and by creating many different contact lists depending on the audience you are emailing, you will be able to customize the newsletter content to please each group!

Some examples of how you can group contacts to achieve optimal interest and therefore return, include:

-Create separate lists for male and female patients.

-Add contacts’ birthdays as a way to choose what to market to different age groups (18-30), (31-50), (50+), etc.

-Create a list of patients that you feel may be interested in a particular product or service you offer, then send them a newsletter with content relevant to this topic.

-If you are a specialist dentist marketing to general practitioners, you can group doctors by “general,” and “cosmetic.”

-In addition to the many ways you can customize groups and the newsletters they receive, you can also always have a standard patient list that can be used to send general information or establish constant contact.

The possible options for grouping patients and doctors to receive your newsletters are literally endless- create as many contact lists as you desire!

The articles in the Dear Doctor library are so vast and easy to search, that after choosing which groups you want to send a mailing, you can tailor the newsletter specifically to them. Check out Adding Content for more information!

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