inForm: Adding Emails to “Quick List”


Instructions below ONLY apply to Inform.

You have already learned how to create lists to send newsletters to specific target audiences. However, perhaps you want to send a daily standard newsletter to all the patients who visited your office that day. Rather than create a list of these people that you will likely never use again, and that will clutter your list bank, you can create a “quicklist” for this purpose!

1. Once your newsletter is complete, click “(4) Delivery Options,” the tab at the top right of the screen.

2. Next, under the box “Select From Your Mailing Lists,” click the white text bubble next to “Contacts Quicklist.”

3. This will direct you a box in which you will enter the email addresses you wish to add to this quicklist, remembering to separate each address with a comma.

4. Once the emails are entered, click the orange “SUMBIT” button at the bottom right side of the box.

5. Next, make sure the “Contacts Quicklist” box is checked, and from here you can “SAVE AND SEND,” or “SAVE AND SCHEDULE TO SEND.”

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