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Instructions below ONLY apply to Inform.

Once you have created a new text field, you can also change the text size, font, color, and much more, using the toolbar that appear next to the new text box.

1. To change the font style type, click the “Format” button in the toolbox. This will give you the option to determine if the text is a heading, (with varying sizes), part of the paragraph text, or and address. For example, if you type “Tips for Whiter Teeth” in the text box, highlight it, and format it as “Heading 1,” it will automatically become a title, with a different color and underline for an aesthetically-pleasing look.

2. You can also change the font by clicking the “Font Family” button, and scrolling through different options. Have fun with different font sizes, types, and boldness to make certain words or phrases stand out!

3. Under the “Font Size” button, which allows you to change the size of the font, you will find options for making text bold, italicized, and underlined. Highlight a word or phrase, then click any of these buttons to add the effect.

4. Beneath these buttons are text alignment options, “left align,” “center align,” or “align full,” to change how the text lines up within the box.

5. Under the alignment buttons are option to add bullets and numbering.

6. Below these buttons are options to insert and image, and add or delete a link. See Uploading Photos for more info about adding images, and Adding a Link for more information about linking.

7. The next three buttons allow you to Align Photos with Text.

8. Below the photo alignment buttons, you will see a small paintbrush, which allows you to “cleanup” any messy text or formatting that may appear as a result of cutting and pasting from another source. Luckily, inForm will automatically perform this task for you, but if something goes wrong, simply use the paintbrush tool to fix it. Highlight the text you may have cut and pasted from a different source and click the paintbrush button. Now when you send it the newsletter it will all appear in the same clean format as the rest of the newsletter.

The middle button is a little white eraser, and allows you to “undo” formatting changes you have made to text. See Clearing Formatting.

Next to the eraser is a blue “HTML” button. This option is intended for more advanced computer experts, and allows you to view and edit the text areas in HTML code form.

9. When you are finished editing text within a text area, remember to click the white “DONE” button at the bottom of the editing toolbox so that you may move on to editing different areas.

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