inForm: Using Shortcode for “Merging”


Instructions below ONLY apply to Inform.

Shortcode is a great tool to use to customize your newsletter even further. Whereas in the example, your newsletter may read “Dear Colleagues,” or “Dear Patient,” shortcode allows your newsletter to read “Dear Dr. Smith,” or “Dear Jane Doe.”

1. First, highlight the word “colleague” or “patient” that appear after “Dear,” and delete it.

2. Then click the “Shortcode” icon in the editing toolbar. You have the option to choose “Recipient Full Name,” which would read “Dear Jane Doe,” “Patient Name,” which would read “Dear Jane,” and “Colleague Name,” which would read “Dear Dr. Smith.”

3. Choose how you would like the personalized greeting to appear and select. If you choose “Recipient Full Name” for example, after “Dear,” a white tab that reads “#Fullname.” Success!

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