inForm: Adding Articles to Your Newsletter


Instructions below ONLY apply to Inform.

Once you have chosen a design for your newsletter, indicated the target audience, and named the newsletter and email subject line, you are ready to add content! One of the most important elements of the newsletter is choosing articles you think will interest the target audience you choose. With the PBHS content libraries available to you, it makes this process easy and fun!

1. On the Content Library screen, you will see the selected content library with recommended articles displayed below. Choose any article for your newsletter by clicking the "Add" box to the right of the article and it will appear under "Selected Articles" in the far right column. To remove the article from the "Selected Articles" list, simply uncheck the box to the right of the word "Remove" and it will remove it from the list of articles to be used in the newsletter.


For a quick overview of the article before you add it to your newsletter, click on the "read description" button on the right and a summary will appear.

You can also search for more specific articles with the "category" and "keyword" search features.

Use the "Category" drop down and select a specific topic, such as “Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry". This will display all the articles in the database related to general and cosmetic dentistry. This is a great way to search if you are a specialist sending a newsletter to general dentists.

You can also search by entering a keyword in the search box. For example, if you enter “sedation dentistry,” all the articles pertaining to this topic will appear.

2. Once you have selected the articles you wish to include in your newsletter, click the orange “NEXT” button in the top right corner of the screen. This will take you to a mock-up of your newsletter to begin editing the content further!

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