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Instructions below ONLY apply to Inform.

1. To add a link to your newsletter, for example to another site for more information about a topic, you can may begin by typing text into the text area that you wish to use to direct patients to the other site. For example, type, “Click here to learn more about preventing cavities!” Next, highlight this sentence and click the link button in the toolbox that looks like a chain link.

2. This will bring up a small box with the option to “Link URL,” and a white text box next to it. Here, you will copy the domain name (for example, from the site you are linking and paste it into this box.

3. Next, under the “Link URL” box, you will see a line called “Target.” In the dropdown menu, you will see the options “open link in the same window,” or “open link in a new window.” By setting the target you will either choose the link to appear in the same window the viewer is already using, or to open it in another window. It is recommended to choose to open the link in a new window so that when your viewers click the link, they will not be directed away from your newsletter.

4. Now, click the “Insert” button in the bottom left corner of the box. You will now see your link appear within the newsletter as “Click here to learn more about preventing cavities!” This is a great feature, because instead of a sloppy link appearing within your text, that may contain a long title and number, your audience will be able to simply click your straightforward text!

5. To undo a link you may have created, simply highlight the text you had chosen, and click the button next to the link icon that looks like a breaking link. This will clear your link and make the text ordinary again.

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