inForm: What is my "Reputation"


Instructions below ONLY apply to Inform.

Your reputation is a indicator of how we view your email sending practices.

How is Reputation Computed?

Your account reputation is computed based on a number of factors - including:

  • Total number of requests you've made to inForm (i.e. email newsletters you've sent)
  • How many bounces you've received
  • How many spam reports you've received
  • How many unsubscribes you've received
  • How many invalid emails you've sent

PBHS Reputation Policy:

We regularly monitor our customers' account reputations for abuse and undesirable sending practices. It is of utmost important that all email addresses that are sent to are obtained legitimately. Our general guidelines for account reputation take into account the following reputation thresholds:

  • Reputation above 80%: Congratulations, you have a good sending reputation and there are no issues at this time.
  • Reputation between 70% and 80%: This is considered a poor reputation and actions should be taken immediately to identify and fix problems with your sending practices.
  • Reputation below 70%: Accounts with reputations below 70% will be subject to immediate suspension or termination.
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