inForm: How to Preview and Test Your Newsletter


Instructions below ONLY apply to Inform.

During the "Newsletter Content" phase of creating your newsletter, if you would like to view a sample of exactly how the newsletter will appear to your audience in the email, there’s a way!

1. First, simply click “Preview Newsletter” at the bottom of the blue “Content Options” box.

2. This will open a window with a version of the newsletter as it will appear when sent. At the bottom left of the previewed newsletter, you will see “Enter your test email” and a white text box. Enter your personal email address here and click the orange “SEND” button to send yourself a copy of the newsletter.

You should see an update that your newsletter was sent successfully:

3. Next, check your email, and you will see the newsletter there exactly as it will appear to your patients or referring doctors.

4. If you are satisfied with how the newsletter appears as an email, go back to inForm to begin the sending process within the Delivery Options section of the newsletter editor. If not, you can go back and edit whatever it is you wish to change.

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