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What internet browser should I be using?

. For the best possible experience we recommend Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome:

How to Reset My Password

  1. To login and edit your website simply go to: http://www.[YOUR DOMAIN].com/admin, replacing [YOUR DOMAIN] with your domain name. (E.g. if your domain is dentist.com, you would login at www.dentist.com/admin)

  2. Select “Lost your password?” directly below you user/pass text field.
  3. Enter your username or your email connected to this account
  4. Select “Get New Password
  5. Your editor will email the needed password reset instructions  Confirmation that the email was sent will look like this:
  6. Check Your Email, you should receive an email similar to this:

    From: PBHS Support support@pbhs.com

  7. Click on the link provided in the email, this will take you to your website editor:
    1. Type your new password in the “New Password” field- note the hint at the bottom for password restrictions. If your password is considered "weak", consider using a stronger password, or else check the "Confirm use of weak password" button.
    2. Select “Reset Password

Editing Pages

To login and edit your website simply go to: http://www.yourdomain.com/admin

Your login and password will be emailed to you when your site goes live.

The first page you will see after you login contains the general information for your website. This enables you to make site-wide changes such as address, phone number, etc.

  • Once have logged in, you can select the "back to website" (towards the top/left hand side of the screen- similar to example below)- this will allow you to browse your site as you normally would and you can now make edits.

  • editbutton.PNGYou will notice a button to the right or left (depending on your site or template) of the content area that says "Edit this Page". By clicking on this button, an editor will be activated. You can now make corrections, add or format text or even upload your own images to the website.

  • In order for changes to be saved you must click the "save" button (floppy disk icon) located in the menu system to the right or left of your content area.












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