Here’s how to embed a video:

  1. Go to the video through you tube (as if you were going to play/review it).
  2. Click the Share link under the video.
  3. Click the Embed link.
  4. Copy the code provided in the expanded box.
  5. Go to "" to login to your website editor
  6. From there navigate to the page you would like to edit and select the "Edit" button located on the right or left hand side of your page.
  7. Put your cursor on the page where you would like that video to be placed
  8. Now select the "Insert/Edit Link"
  9. An "Insert Link" window will appear, PASTE the YouTube code into the "URL" field below:
  10. Select OK (blue button seen above)
    Video will display similar to this in edit mode...

    -- OR --
    The Video will display similiar to this in edit mode (once saved you will see the full video embedded):

  11. Remember to SAVE this change to publish your changes live!  Select the "Save Changes" icon on your toolbar to save your changes.


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