Suspicious emails - Last Month Remit


If you receive an email "Administrator" containing an attachment labeled "Remit_ your website". DO NOT OPEN THE ATTACHMENT. This is an attempt from unknown senders to get malware onto your system. Delete the email. If you have opened the file, it is advisable to contact your local technical support team and have them look at your computer system for viruses and other types of malware.

The body of the email lists the file as "Last month remit file.xls" (a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet). Do not open the attachment

Other variations include:

  • Fiserv Secure Email Notification.
  • Overdue Payment - Please Respond series.
  • Key Secured Message
  • The UPS - Your package is available for pickup series.
  • The AT&T online confirmation series.
  • The Invoice Remit File - ADP/AEXP split.
  • Job Offer (Careerbuilder)
  • Unable to process your most recent Bill Payment
  • Fiserv Secure Email Notification
  • Outgoing Money Transfer
  • UPS - Your package is available for pickup
  • Last Month Remit

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