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Instructions below ONLY apply to TruForm on MyPBHS.

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Learn how to access your TruForm online registration and referral form submissions from our secure website.

TruForm Storage Overview

There is no additional charge for the 90 days storage we provide to our TruForm clients.  It is important to note our limited storage information below.  This would be for any TruForm Submissions submitted on

  • Any TruForm submissions within your "View Registrations", "View Referrals" or "Recover Files" section will be completely removed after 90 days from the submission date.  

It is crucial to process these submissions down to your software or local computer to ensure you don't lose any patient or referring doctor submissions.


Errors viewing submitted TruForm

Submitted forms are BLANK when I try to view them through MyPBHS

SOLUTION 1:  The form may not have been properly generated after submission.

  • Select "Archive" button to the RIGHT of the patients name.   
  • Select "Recovery Registrations" on the right hand column
  • In this list select "Recover" to the right of the patients name
  • Select "View Registrations", located towards the top green banner directly under the "TruForm" tab
  • Select "View"/PDF icon to the LEFT of the patients name
  • You should now be able to view the online form.  IF NOT, please try solution 2 below:

SOLUTION 2:  The Adobe Reader browser PLUG-IN is needed to view these online PDF submissions.  This can be removed or disabled, a simple and quick reinstall will implement this plug-in back so you can view online forms!!

Email Notification to Patient Email:

Once your patient submits a online form, our system (if the patient enters their email on the submitted form) will receive an email from PBHS stating their form has been submitted online- as seen below:

Email Notification to Doctor's Office:

Once your patient submits a online form, our system will notify your office via email that a new form is available for review. 

  • ** 2/18/15 Patient Name was removed from emails due to HIPAA regulations.  This is to ensure the privacy of your patients secure information!!

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