iConsult: Updating iConsult through the App Store


Instructions below ONLY apply to iConsult.

Updating iConsultOMS® through Apple App Store:

PBHS will periodically release improvement updates through the Apple App Store for iConsultOMS.  When we do this, it is highly recommended you update your version on your iPad right away to ensure you don't run into any issues or errors.
STEP 1 - Select and Open your "App Store" app on the iPad
STEP 2 - Select "Updates" located in the bottom/right corner within the "App Store"
STEP 3 - Select "Update" for iConsultOMS®
  • **Your iConsultOMS® username and password will remain the same.
  • All current users will need to complete this update in order to use  iConsultOMS®.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our PBHS Support department at support@pbhs.com / 888-840-0739.
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