Uploading PDF Documents


Adding a PDF Document

  • Go to "yourdomain.com/admin" to login
  • From there navigate to the page you would like to edit and select the "Edit" button located on the right or left hand side of your page.
  • Put your cursor on the page where you would to insert your PDF Document
    • Once your cursor is blinking on the page (see below):
  • Select the "Insert Media" icon on your toolbar (located to the LEFT or RIGHT of your page)
  • A media window will appear to upload your new document
    **You must have this document saved down to your computer
  • Select the "Upload Files" tab
  • On this tab, towards the center of your screen select "Select Files", as seen below:
  • This will connect you to your computer, from here navigate to your saved document and select it with your cursor:
  • Select the "Open" option located at the bottom of this window once your document is selected...
  • Your document will have a blue check mark next to the top/right hand corner of the selected document (as seen below):
    • Title:  To the far right you will see a text field labeled "Title".  Use this field to type exactly what you want displayed as the link to your document (this title will be seen live on your site).
    • In my example.  I use "Click Here to view our financial policy."
    • Select "Insert into post" to complete this link to your document.

  • Your final link should be a different color and/or stand out from your normal page font:

PDF Settings

By default, the PDF once clicked will open in the same browser window replacing your website page.  You can change this action, and have the PDF document open in its own tab.  This will allow  your patients to close out of the PDF document and easily get back to their previous tab they were viewing your website from. 

  • Highlight the link you have created for your document:
  • While highlighted, select the "Insert/Edit Link" icon on your toolbar (located to the LEFT or RIGHT of your page) 
    • Target:  Change the "Target" drop down menu to "New Window"


Video: Upload a PDF and Link to It

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