Changing Website Theme


How to complete your theme change

  1. Go to "" to login
  2. Navigate to the LEFT side of your screen, and select "Design Options"
  3. Navigate to the RIGHT side of your screen and select the button labeled "Select a New Theme"
  4. If the red screen below appears, please contact PBHS Support directly either by phone or email.

  5. If the red screen does NOT appear, you can now review ALL template designs available:
  6. Once you select a design, click directly on the thumbnail to review. 

    Here you will see the following:
    1. View Demo Site:  You can "View the Demo Site" to physically look at the website layout and design (located to the LEFT).
    2. Theme Features:  Theme Features will be presented to the LEFT.  This will display the key features with each design you select.
    3. Activate Theme: Select the "Activate Theme" and this will publish your new website design live IMMEDIATELY.
    4. Exit this View (will not save):  If you want to go back and look through more designs- click the white X in the upper/right corner of this window:


Theme Change TIPS and FAQs

*MOBILE VERSION - You want your site to be mobile responsive! Be sure to choose one with a green "responsive" banner.

*WHAT WILL IT LOOK LIKE - Think about all the pages and content of your site transferred onto a new design, choose new colors and banner photos if you'd like!

*WHAT IF MY SITE IS CUSTOMIZED - Unfortunately you will lose any customization that has been done to your theme, for example, a custom header with two phone numbers, a custom footer with special office locations listed, custom photos you've added to the banner will need to be reset, sidebars with customization, etc.

*If you would like to keep these customizations and have them transferred to your new theme, your theme change will go through our Changes Dept. as billable. You can email Changes directly at

*HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE - Be prepared, you WILL most likely need to do some initial website edits and changes after your theme change (ie. banner photos, changing some content or uploading a new logo). You may want to plan to make the change at the end of the week or day, when you have time available to work on the website.

*WHAT IF I WANT TO MAKE CUSTOM CHANGES - If your changes are custom (do not exist on the template example you viewed) you will need to contact the Changes Dept. for a quote for billable custom changes to the theme.

*Remember you will not be able to change it back to its previous state with customization once you change the theme!

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