Adding or Removing Pages


Within your website editor, you have the ability to add, remove or move the location of ANY webpages on your website.


Adding New Pages:

  1. To login and edit your website simply go to:
    The first page you will see after you login contains the general information for your website. This enables you to make site-wide changes such as address, phone number, etc.

  2. Select "Sitemap" located on your LEFT hand column:
  3. All pages created on your website will be listed here, navigate to the specific area you would like to add a new page:

In the example used below, we will add a new page under "Dental Health" Labeled "Dental Health FAQ":

Within Website Editor- Sitemap: Live on Website:

  1. Scroll down until you find the section you would like to modify. 
  2. Select the (+) sign on the line above where you would like the new page to be placed:
  3. This will add a new line/page directly below, labeled "New Page"
  4. You can rename the page to whatever you would like by putting your cursor on the same line or double clicking to clear out "New Page" and add the Title you want seen on your website!
  5. Once you have it labeled correctly, select the "Publish Page" icon.
  6. Now select "Save Sitemap", located in the upper right hand corner
  7. NOTE:  this page can be moved to a different placement within that drop down menu and/or moved to a completely different drop down menu.  SEE "Moving Page(s)" for further instructions.
  8. Once you review your website, you will notice the new page which you can now add content to:
    Within Website Editor- Sitemap: Live on Website:
  9. Once you select this page, by default we add this verbiage live on your webpage.  Edit this page to delete this wording and add the content you would like!!


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