Posting Launch Survey Reviews to Facebook


If you want to post approved reviews directly on your business Facebook page, you need to complete 2 steps first:

1. You must have a business Facebook page created for your practice

2. You MUST complete the setup of PBHS Social Connect

Let PBHS Support know once this is done by sending us an email - please include the URL to your business Facebook page as well!

Once you have completed the steps above and notified Support, we will finish the setup to allow your approved reviews to post directly to your Facebook page.

Click for instructions on approving Launch Survey reviews!

**If you have Facebook integration with Launch Survey setup, as soon as you approve your review, it will be placed as a POST on your Facebook Business Page.**

Once you approve your review from the website, the review will be posted on your business page exactly like the below example:

  • It will show the "Overall Comments" from the survey form to the RIGHT
  • It will show the "Overall Satisfaction" of stars given by the patient from the survey to the LEFT

Additionally, patients can click on this review and it will lead them directly back to your website- to review that testimonial!!


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