MySecurePractice Portal: First Time Sign-Up Invitation from Support


Instructions below ONLY apply to the MySecurePractice Portal.

Watch our instructional video below:

First Time Sign-Up Step by Step Instructions:

Once your account is created, our support team will invite you to use your online account via email. 

  1. You will receive an invitation via email similar to this below.
    **Please note this email will also serve as your username!
  2. Follow the instructions and click on the URL provided in the email received.
  3. As an extra security measure, you will need to verify your identity before setting your password- you may have up to three options:
    1. Practice Main Phone:  If you provided support with your 'Practice Phone', you can choose the option "Make a call to" your Practice Phone. The MySecurePractice automated system will call you immediately to deliver your secret code to be entered.  
    2. Cell Phone:  If you provided support with your 'Cell Phone', you can choose either option within the drop down menu below:
      • "Make a call to" your mobile phone
      • "Send a text to" your mobile phone
  4. Select "Continue" to complete this request.
    *Note if your cell phone is NOT an option in this drop down, you would not see a text message option above/below:
  5. Depending on what you choose, you will receive one of the following:
    1. Make a call toYou should receive a call immediately, make sure you have a pen and paper before hand to write down the secret code. Please note that the secret code is given by an automated voice service, and is incompatible with phone trees or automatic answering services.
    2. Send a text to: You should receive a text immediately, as seen below with your secret code.
  6. Enter your secret code received on the "Verify your identity" screen:
    1. Select "Continue".
      • Change Delivery Method:  Will allow you to use either your landline or cell phone number (if both were provided) to call or text your secret code
      • Re-Send Code:  The system will either call or text (depending on what selection you first made) the secret code to you again.  The old secret code will no longer be valid

  7. Next, you will see our Terms of Use page:
    1. Read the Terms of Use and agree to them
  8. Now you will be asked to set your password associated with this login:
    1. Note the Password Instructions on the RIGHT.
    2. Once you create your password, you will be asked to re-enter this same password directly below
    3. Select "Continue".

  9. Enter your username and the password just created to sign in:
    • Your username would be the email address which received the initial MySecurePractice invitation.
    • Select "Sign In".
    • At any time, you may reset the password by using the "Forgot Password" link below the login screen.
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