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Instructions below ONLY apply to SecureMail.

In this section, we will go over the following:

Watch our instructional video:

Viewing Your Inbox

  1. Once you login
  2. Select the Secure Inbox icon:

    • Once off the main welcome page, you will also see Secure Inbox on your far LEFT hand side navigation.                 
    • Selecting either option will bring you right to your inbox
  3. Once you select your inbox, you will notice all emails present in this folder will be listed in your left hand column.  
  4. All secure messages are listed in order from New to Old.  
    1. Any new emails will display with a bullet icon for easy identification.  
    2. Once an email is reviewed, the bullet icon will disappear.  
    3. Within this column, each email will include the sender's name, email, subject and date/time the email was sent.
  5. Select the email in the column you would like to review by clicking directly on it.
  6. You will see your email appear to the RIGHT for review

  7. Here you will have 5 options:
    1. Reply
    2. Archive
    3. Convert to Case - this is an optional Collaborator feature!
    4. New Message
    5. Print

How to Download Attachments

  1. Once you open an email with attachments, you will notice each attachment is linked at the bottom of the email:
  2. To download the attachment, click directly on the name of the file (in this example it is "Donald.jpg".  
  3. This will download directly into your downloads folder automatically:

How to Reply to a Secure Message 

    1. While within an existing message, select Reply
    2. This will compose a reply message back to the org. sender
    3. A pop-up window will allow you to type your reply message, labeled "Type your message here".
    4. You can choose to send images or documents as attachments, click here for further instructions on how to attach an image or file.  
    5. Select Send once you are ready to send this secure message
    6. Your sent reply will be added to the top of the message thread of the original secure message you received within your inbox.

How to Archive a Secure Message

  1. Within an existing message you no longer need in your inbox, select Archive.
  2. This will take that selected message from your inbox, and move it to your Archive folder on the far LEFT hand column.
    1. You can access archived emails at anytime
    2. You can reply to an archived secure message at anytime

How to Print a Secure Message

  1. When viewing an existing secure message thread either in your Inbox, Sent Items or Archive, select Print.
  2. This will open a print option from your browser, where you can print the entire message thread as a PDF document for your records. Attachments will appear listed at the bottom of the message.


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