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In this section, we will go over the following:

Once a case is successfully created, you can add to or review any of the following items above.  

Add an Additional Doctor/Staff Member onto your Case

  • Once you login
  • Select "View Cases"

  • Under the existing case you wish to review, select the "View" button

  • On your "Overview" tab of your selected case, scroll down to the bottom:
  • You will find "Associated Doctors & Staff" section:

  • Select the plus sign next to the "Add a Doctor/Staff" icon:

  • You can now find the needed doctor in this window
  • Once you find the correct doctor, select the "+ Add Doctor" button:

    • This will send a email notification to that doctor of a link to the new case they have been added on for their review.
    • The "Associated Doctors & Staff" will now show this new doctor:

    • The added doctor will be able to now collaborate with you on this case including (doctor talk, patient talk and add attachments).

Referral Form Tab

  • Once you login
  • Select "View Cases"

  • Under the existing case you wish to review, select the "View" button

  • The Referral Form tab will display the completed referral form that was originally submitted to create this case:

Doctor Talk Tab

  1. Once you login
  2. Select "View Cases"

  3. Under the existing case you wish to review, select the "View" button

  4. Select the "Doctor Talk" tab:
    • Type your message in the comment box below
    • If you wish to upload any attachments, select the "Add Attachments" button
    • Once you message is completed and the images (if any) are uploaded, select "Add to Discussion"
    • This will add your message and a link to your attachment (if any were uploaded) with a time and date stamp
      • If the doctor adds any notes within the referral "comments field", they will additionally be placed in the "Doctor Talk" tab with a date/time stamp for your review.  
      • Note any "Associated Doctor's/Staff" on this case will also be able to see and use this "Doctors Talk" section!

Patient Talk Tab

Attachments Tab

  1. Once you login
  2. Select "View Cases"

  3. Under the existing case you wish to review, select the "View" button

This tab will hold ALL attachments uploaded within this case, including:

  • Submitted Attachments with original referral form
  • Doctor Talk Attachments within conversation
  • Patient Talk Attachments within conversation
  • Any Attachments uploaded directly within the "Attachments" tab
  • You will have two options at the top which will allow you to:
    • Attach Files:  You can choose to upload more attachments at anytime (this would include images, documents or videos)
    • Download All:  This will allow you to download a zipped folder of ALL images, documents and videos uploaded within your "Attachments" section directly to your computer.  
  • You can view each image individually by selecting the "View" button:

    • This will display the image directly above:

    • From here you can select the blue down arrow to save this image directly to your computer
    • Or, you can select the blue cross arrow option to enlarge the image on your screen
    • Again, you will have the blue down arrow to save this image directly to your computer and a X button located in the TOP/RIGHT corner to exit out of this view:

Case Status Bar

Within each case you will see a status bar located at the top of the case.  You can change the status as the patient goes through treatment.  This status will show on your main dashboard, which will allow any other doctors/staff to see this status as well.  

In order to use this section, please follow the steps below:

  1. Once you login
  2. Select "View Cases"

  3. Select the Case needed in your assigned list below by selecting "View":

  4. The status bar will display at the top of every accepted case within Collaborator:
    This will allow your doctors involved with this case to easily see where this case is.  The status bar on the top will also send out notification to all doctors on this case once changed (unless the associated doctor has this notification turned off)

  5. This status can easily be viewed from your main Collaborator dashboard (and will show exactly like this for any doctor added to this case):

Case Status Filter     

  1. You can use the "Status Filter" to showcase only those cases with this certain status
  2. Go to your Collaborator Dashboard
  3. From the drop down labeled "Status" located in your upper right hand corner, select the case status you would like to see (in this example we are using "Archived")
  4. Any cases with the status "Archived" will show below for your review:

Hiding the Status Bar per Case:

If you find you do not use the status bar, you can now hide this entire section from your view within any case.  This will only hide the status bar within that specific case, all other doctors or staff on the case will still see the status bar as normal (unless they opt to hide this section as well).

While looking at this same case, from the steps above:

  1. Select the button labeled "Hide Case Status", located to the far right of the status bar
  2. Once selected, this will hide the status bar for this case (this will auto save, and never show for this single case).
  3. You can then select the button labeled "Show Case Status", located in the same upper right hand corner of the case (where the status bar was located).
  4. This will display your status bar again, and auto save your setting changes for this case.

If you would like to hide the status bar for ALL cases which you view, please contact with this request and we can set this for you!  





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