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Instructions below ONLY apply to truForm.

In this section, we will go over the following:

Invite a Patient

This would be used to invite a patient to complete their online registration (or any other forms PBHS has created for your practice) online BEFORE their scheduled appointment.  

  1. Once you login
  2. Select "Access Forms"
  3. In the upper right hand corner, select "Invite Patient"
  4. The below "Invite A Patient" form will open, fill out the needed areas including:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email Address
    • Confirm Email Address
    • At least one phone (Phone or Cell Phone)
    • Which forms would you like the patient to complete?
      Make sure to select the form (or forms if you have multiple) you would like the patient to fill out.  These will be presented to the patient through our secure portal once they sign-up to complete online.  
    • Is an appointment scheduled?
      You can set the scheduled appointment, with the 24hr email reminder to remind your patients to fill out their forms BEFORE their upcoming appointment.  
  5. If you are inviting a Patient to a Consent form with doctor input fields, please click here for further instructions.  
  6. Select the "Invite" button either at the top or the bottom of the page once ready

Patient Portal Signup

  1. Once you "Invite" the patient from your doctor portal, this will email the patient an invitation to signup!!
  2. The Patient would select the URL within the email to complete their 2 step patient verification:
  3. The patient would select "Continue" and would either get a phone call (if landline) or a phone call or text message (if mobile) depending on the option they choose within the drop down above...
  4. The call/text would give them a secret code to enter for registration below
  5. Select "Continue" once entered.
    • The patient can have the secret code resent by selecting "Re-send Code" at anytime on this screen
    • The patient can go back and choose a different delivery option by selecting "Change Delivery Method"
  6. Once they select "Continue", they will need to review and accept the "Terms of Use" below:
  7. Once reviewed, select "I Accept" located at the bottom to continue:
  8. Now the patient can set their password:
    • Instructions to the RIGHT will give them the needed requirements for this password.  Once you have met all requirements, each item will turn from red to green:
    • Re-enter your password to confirm, and select "Continue"

Patient Portal

  1. Now the patient can login and select the "Sign In" button:
  2. Once they have logged in, the patient would select "Access Forms":
  3. The window below will present the form (or a list of forms) they will need to fill out and submit online:
  4. The patient would select "Continue Form" to open and completed the needed form:
  5. Once they fill out the following:
    • First Name (will be auto filled in for them)
    • Last Name (will be auto filled in for them)
    • DOB
    • Phone (either home or cell)
  6. They will notice a "Save & Exit" button appears in the RIGHT hand upper corner
  7. This can be used if they can't finish the form in one sitting- they have the option to save and exit.  This will allow them to login back in at anytime from any computer to complete this registration form(s)!
  8. OR They can continue to fill out the form in one sitting, and submit their information to your office by selecting "Complete and Send".
  9. If they complete their truform online, and there are no further forms to fill out- they will lose their access to the "Access Forms" section (as there is nothing further for them to fill out).  The online portal will now look like this if they login again:
  10. They can choose to "Logout", as nothing more is needed for this process.





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