Collaborator: Invite a Patient for Collaboration


In this section, we will go over the following:

Patient Talk Tab of the Case

Each patient talk is a private conversation between yourself and the patient, no other doctor/staff can see this conversation.  Any associated doctor or staff member on the case can also have a private conversation here with the patient.

  1. Once you login
  2. Select "View Cases"

  3. Under the existing case you wish to review, select the "View" button:

  4. Now you will see the "Patient Talk" tab, select it.  
  5. You will initially see this screen below if the patient hasn't been invited by you previously:
    • Another way to invite the patient is at the top of the case, you will see a button labeled "Invite Patient" which will do the same thing:

  6. Select the "Click here" or "Invite Patient" to invite your patient to this case, the following window will appear:

  7. Once the "Invite Patient" form is filled out, select "Send"
  8. This will email the patient a invite via email:

    • The patient can have the secret code resent by selecting "Re-send Code" at anytime on this screen
    • The patient can go back and choose a different delivery option by selecting "Change Delivery Method"
    • Instructions to the RIGHT will give them the needed requirements for this password.  Once you have met all requirements, each item will turn from red to green:

    • Re-enter your password to confirm, and select "Continue"
    1. The Patient would select the URL within the email to complete their 2 step patient registration:

    2. The patient would select "Continue" and would either get a phone call (if landline) or a phone or text message (if mobile) depending on the option they choose.
    3. The call/text would give them a secret code to enter for registration below
    4. Select "Continue" once entered.

    5. Once they select "Continue", they will need to review and accept the "Terms of Use" below:

    6. Once reviewed, select "I Accept" located at the bottom to continue:  

    7. Now the patient can set their password:
    8. Now the patient can login and select the "Sign In" button:

    9. The patient would select "Secure Inbox"

    10. Now they can view their secure message, and reply back if needed:

    11. If they do reply back, it would return a message for the doctor(s) review within "Patient Talk":

Sharing Patient Talk Attachments

If the patient replies to your message with attachments, within the doctor talk it will include a "Share" button next to each attachment the patient sent.  This will allow you to share all or a select few images of your choosing within the "Attachments" tab, which all doctors/staff on this case will then have the ability to review those.  

As a reminder, the Patient Talk is a private feature- which you can only review the communications between yourself and the patient.  


  1. Once you select the "Share File" button, this will make that attachment available within the "Attachments" tab of this case for all associated doctors and staff to review.
  2. Note, once you "Share File", the button will no longer be visible as an indication that you already completed this task.  

    Note in this example, I already shared "image3bmp.bmp" so there is no longer a "Share File" option.  But we have yet to "Share File" on the 2nd attachment, as that option is still visible.



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