SecureMail: First Time Signup from our PBHS website


Instructions below ONLY apply to SecureMail.

  • If your practice has an existing free PBHS portal account (if you login to for Secure Mail, Collaborator, TruForm or SEO Reporting), please contact Support for further instructions and to assist with adding a new user as part of your existing account.
  • If PBHS is setting up your SecureMail account for you, please click here for these step by step instructions.

First Time Signup from our PBHS or ADA website

  1. A link from our website will direct you to a registration page.
    Follow this link to register: Click here to sign up!
  2. Once you select "Sign up", you will be directed to our Secure Messaging Registration
    1. ADA Members, please enter your ADA Number and Last Name
    2. Select "Submit" once completed to continue

    3. If you are NOT an ADA Member, please select the "Skip" button

  3. Now you will begin the registration process, follow the instructions and fill in requested fields:
    • Note all required fields will be marked with an Asterisk:

    • If you are a registered ADA member, and you input your information from step #2, some fields will be filled in automatically for you below!
    • Please keep in mind if you need to update this information at a later date you must contact PBHS Support!
  4. Input your practice information and select "Next":
    Please keep in mind if you need to update this information at a later date you must contact PBHS Support!

  5. Input your user information and select "Next":
    You WILL have access to your user account information to update through your profile settings once registered!

  6. Input your specialty and select "Finish":
    • Once you click "Finish," an invitation email is sent to your email address to complete the registration process and set your password (see Step 10).

      Keep in mind at this point you have signed up for the free version of PBHS Secure Mail which can only reply to incoming emails. Now you have the option to upgrade to a paid account which will give you the ability to compose messages. You can explore User Roles here.

  7. You will then have the opportunity to purchase PBHS Secure Mail by selecting "Buy Now"
    • Once you select "Buy Now", you will be redirected to the shopping cart below. 
    • Select the plan(s) you would like to purchase by checking the checkbox located on the same line under the "Add" column.
    • Select the green button labeled "Purchase" once your selections are made
    • The below window will appear, fill out the needed fields and select the green button labeled "Pay"
    • You will receive the below confirmation screen once your payment has processed:

  8. Within your email you will now have a new invitation email to complete the registration process.
    • Select the URL within the email instructions:
  9. This will lead you to the "Verify your Identity" screen:
    • Make a call toYou should receive a call immediately, make sure you have a pen and paper before hand to write down the secret code. 
    • Send a text to: You should receive a text immediately, as seen below with your secret code.
    1. Select the correct number in the drop down to call or text your selected phone with the secret code.
    2. Select "Continue" to complete this request.
    3. Depending on the phone numbers you entered during setup, you can choose your option of a text message or call to receive your secret code!

      *Note if your cell phone is NOT an option in this drop down, you would not see a text message option above/below:
  10. Enter your secret code received on the "Verify your identity" screen:
  11. Select "Continue"

    • Change Delivery Method:  Will allow you to use either your landline or cell phone number (if both were provided) to call or text your secret code
    • Re-Send Code:  The system will either call or text (depending on what selection you first made) the secret code to you again.  The old secret code will no longer be valid
  12. Accept the "Terms of Use" by scrolling to the bottom and selecting "Continue":terms1.pngterms2.png
  13. Now you will be asked to set your password associated with this login:
    1. Note the Password Instructions on the RIGHT.
    2. Once you create your password, you will be asked to re-enter this same password directly below
    3. Select "Continue".
  14. This will redirect you to the login page below.  Enter your username and the password just created to sign in:
    • Your username would be the email address that you received the initial MySecurePractice invitation from.
    • If you wish for this website to remember your username, check the "Remember me?" check box.
    • Select "Sign In".
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