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In this section, we will go over the following:

Collaborator Dashboard will give you a bird's eye view of all your existing cases your currently have (either referred to you, or referred by you).

Additionally, you can "Create a Case" and/or "Invite a Doctor" at anytime!

All assigned, associated, and referred cases

  1. Once you login
  2. Select "View Cases"

  3. This will bring you to your Collaborator Dashboard:

This will give you the ability to see:

  • Patient First and Last Name
  • Treatment
  • Referred By
  • Status of Case
  • Created Case Date
  • Modified Case Date

Under the existing case you wish to review, select the "View" button

  • You can search your cases by:
    • Add a Beginning Date and a End Date to search for cases submitted during this time
    • Search Cases:  You can search by First Name, Last Name or Case Status (New, Accepted... etc.)
    • Status Dropdown:  You can search cases by any status that can be set

Recent Activity

On your far hand RIGHT side, you can find "Recent Activity:

This will display any changes to ALL cases including new Cases, a new Doctor Talk, Patient Talk, Attachments within existing cases.  

A view link for each Recent Activity will take you directly to that section discussed.  

  •  Select the "Filter" button to define your recent activities:
  • Search can filter:
    • Specific Patient First or Last Name on Case
  • Type:
    • To filter by talk (patient and doctor talk), attachments, and referrals submitted).  




This area will show you any doctors you have either invited or collaborated with on past cases.

At anytime you can:

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