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Here are the questions to some Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:

  • General MySecurePractice Portal
    1. I've just created a MySecurePractice portal account. What's next?
      Thank you for registering! Once you have fully setup your account you may login to the portal ( at any time using your email address and password. Here you will have access to any products you have purchased in your Dashboard.
    2. What is two-step verification? Is it required?
      The two-step verification process is an additional security measure we have incorporated within the MySecurePractice portal. This is a way for a new user (or existing user resetting their password) to verify their identity both by using their email address (initial invitation email) as well as a phone number (text or call a secret code for verification). When setting or resetting a password, the two-step verification process will automatically be in place however you may turn off this feature within your user profile settings.
      • To learn how to turn this off or on, click here.

    3. How many login attempts before my account is locked out?
      For your security, our system allows 5 incorrect login attempts before your account is locked out. Please notify PBHS Support of your account's email address so we can assist you with unlocking your account and resetting your password.
      You will also be automatically logged out of the system after 30 minutes of inactivity.

    4. How do I reset my password?
      If you are locked out or need a password reset, follow these instructions.

    5. Can I update my practice's account information at a later date?
      Once registered, you will only have access to your user account information (email address, first and last name, phone numbers, time zone, ADA number and specialties). You will not be able to update your main practice account information entered in during the registration process - this must be updated by PBHS Support!

    6. Is the new MySecurePractice portal compatible with all browsers?
      We recommend using the most updated Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari web browsers with our new portal. Unfortunately the portal is not compatible with Internet Explorer 9 and below, the user will be prompted to update their browser.

    7. Is the new MySecurePractice portal mobile compatible?
      Yes, our portal currently supports mobile devices. We recommend the iOS platform, however we only support iOS 8.0 and above.

    8. What are the accepted file types and maximum upload size when uploading attachments for secure messaging and Collaborator?

      Attachment Size Limit:   Max upload size is 300MB total for ALL attachments (per sent email). 

      File Types Accepted:









      • Learn how to attach files to a submitted case, click here.
  • Secure Mail
    1. I've just created a MySecurePractice portal account for paid secure messaging and am ready to receive emails from my colleagues securely. What's next?
      If you are new to SecureMail, you will need to begin initiating communication with your colleagues first so they can setup their free account and reply to secure messages you have sent them. Unfortunately they will not be able to compose emails to you until they have a paid account, they will only be able to reply to incoming messages from you.
      • Learn how to compose a message to invite doctors/staff (not in your practice) to use secure mail, click here.

    2. Recipients of my secure messages cannot register - what can I do to help them register?
      Invited users (recipients of your secure messages) could have trouble registering if their information (user role, email, or phone numbers) was not entered correctly when the original message was sent to them. To verify this information is correct and assist them with the registration process, first contact PBHS Support to add User Manager privileges onto your account.

      Once your account has been updated by PBHS Support:
      *Go to the User Manager Role "manage account" option in the upper right corner by clicking on your name
      *Edit the user's account information in this section
      *Then send a new secure message to the recipient using their account's current email address to prompt a new registration invite email which will use the updated information.

    3. Is there an address book or way to store frequent contacts?
      Saving contacts is available for paid secure mail accounts. You may find the "Contacts" option at the bottom left of the "Compose" window. Contacts will be automatically added once you compose a new message to that email address and the user registers their account. Unfortunately there is no way to modify or delete existing contacts in the contact list presently.

    4. Can I print my secure messages?
      You can print an entire secure message thread using the "Print" button in the upper right corner of the message you are viewing.

    5. How much storage space do I have with my paid secure mail account?
      A paid secure mail account can send/receive unlimited secure messages through the portal, however the maximum attachment upload size for all attachments within that secure message is 100MB total (per send not per attachment).   Free users can also reply to an unlimited amount of messages.

    6. Can I add a signature line to secure messages?
      Within your profile settings, select Messaging. Here you can add a signature line to append to each email you send and here you may also change your notification preferences.

    7. The time stamps for the secure messages are currently in Pacific Standard Time. Can I change this to my own time zone?
      Within your Account Profile, you can select your current time zone from a drop-down menu.

    8. Can I compose a secure message to multiple recipients?
      When composing secure messages, the message can only be sent to one recipient per message.

    9. Can I forward or resend a previously sent message?
      Unfortunately you will not be able to "forward" a message that has already been sent. You will need to type a new message (or copy and paste the old one) into a new message to the same recipient to resend.

    10. Can I save my secure message as a Draft before sending?
      Yes, once your message has a recipient entered you will see a "Save Draft" option at the bottom of the compose message window. If you save as a draft you can access these messages at a later date from the "Drafts" option on the left menu. You can then choose "Edit" in the upper right corner to complete your message and send.

    11. Can a free user I invite using my paid account reply to my secure message and include attachments?
      Any free secure mail account will be able to reply to an incoming secure message and attach files along with it.
      • Learn more about Secure Mail Free and Paid Tier, click here.

    12. Can I print my secure messages?
      Currently a "print" feature for printing individual messages is in development. For now you can print directly from the browser window, copy and paste the message into a text editor or use a print screen tool to print only a selection of your screen.

    13. Why can I only reply to incoming messages?
      Free secure email user accounts are only able to reply to incoming messages. If you'd like to compose messages and invite users, you'll need to upgrade to a paid secure mail account within the portal.
      • Learn more about Secure Mail Free Tier, click here.

    14. Can I send secure messages through my practice software?
      Our MySecurePractice portal is a closed system to allow the security we need to protect your secure information.  Secure email does not integrate or work in conjunction with any practice software.

    15. Will I receive spam in my secure email inbox?
      Since our closed system functions independently of traditional email services, "spammers" will not have access to your email address and will not be able to send you messages without their own portal account. You will not receive junk/spam emails and your email address will not be shared.

    16. Can I update my credit card and payment information directly through the portal after initial registration and payment?
      If you are a paid SecureMail user, you can now update your credit card on file for your user account from the Account Profile tab within your user profile settings. Choose "Profile" from the drop-down menu by clicking your name in the upper right corner of the screen. If you have more detailed questions regarding your payment information used for your MySecurePractice portal account, please contact our Billing Department at 800-840-5383.
  • TruForm

    • View full instructions here.
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