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Instructions below ONLY apply to truForm.

The TruForm integration requires no additional charge from PBHS, and can be setup at anytime with your PBHS TruForm order. Please contact PBHS Support further if you are ready to start this process.

Once the integration settings are added to your form(s) and truForm account, you will need to set your own integration credentials through your new truForm account's profile settings and provide this information to your software representative directly (PBHS does not have access to this information). Instructions on setting your integration credentials through the portal can be found below.

*Please note, you will need to contact your software provider to obtain more information about the pricing for their TruForm bridge, as there may be additional fees.

Integration Credentials

*Currently only available for CarestreamHenry ScheinMedims, Online MedsysCerner, and EDDSON practice management softwares*

Setting TruForm Integration Username and Password

Before you start this process, please check in with PBHS Support to ensure your portal login has access to TruForm.   Once confirmed, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Once you login (using the email/username associated with the correct truForm account)
  2. Select the "Update Profile" icon on your dashboard

  3. On the “Account Profile” tab below:

  4. Scroll down until you see the “Practice Software Integration for Truform” section:     
  5. Click the green “Generate New Integration Credentials” button below.
  6. This will automatically fill out the “Integration Username” field with a username based on your email address, and generate an “Integration Password”.
    • Please make note of this generated username/password from this page, once saved you will no longer see this for security purposes.
    • PBHS recommends you physically copy (highlight each with your cursor and COPY) both the username/password from this screen onto a word document or a notepad to ensure you have the correct letters/special characters or numbers used.  
    • Once ready, you can then copy the noted username/password from the word document or notepad, and paste each one into your software.  
      • Your software cannot use an integration password generated with a double quotation, please regenerate your credentials if they are originally generated with a double quotation.
      • Your software has a username character limit of 40 characters.  If your generated integration username is more than 48 characters this will NOT connect. [Click here for additional details]
  7. Scroll all the way to the top of this page and select Save Profile to set your generated integration username and password **IF YOU DO NOT SELECT SAVE, THESE CREDENTIALS WILL NOT WORK!!!


You will need to provide this information (generated user/pass) to your software company.  They will need this information to input within your software and show your office how to use integration through your software.  Please contact your software support or representative for further instructions.



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